thayet153 (thayet153) wrote in note_to_cat,

For The Life Of Me

Dearest Sir Faithful,

You will always be the special little boy who I fell in love with the day you mewed at me to take you home. You have turned my life around and found a way to put a smile on my face again after over a year of heart break first losing my dad to the four elderly furkids that came before you. You put up with Daenerys's grumblings and was such a goof. But now you have grown into this handsome little knight. You have always had me with your grip of your tail to get me to do what you want, such as feeding you extra, which isn't ideal for either your or your sister. You both are on diets now, on the doctor's orders. You were successful in your feat and lost 2 lbs! But your sister put on the weight... Go figure, she's always loved the crunchies and you love your canned. You silly boy will always make me smile. But you chasing after Arya, the clumsy 45lb pup in our care is not ideal. It scares her and all she wants is to cuddle with you. You love your cuddles. You see Daenerys cuddling with Arya. I just beg that you come around soon enough so there can be peace.

Much Love,

Your Ever Adoring Momma
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