Multi-Facets (multi_facets) wrote in note_to_cat,

For perhaps the last time.

Dear Kravitz:

I let Mom badger me into getting a Dachshund puppy. She was after me to do it practically before you were even cremated because she was insensitively worried for my mental well-being, and in the end, it was easier to just let her have her way once more. 'Cause y'know, maybe she's right, and I do need another emotional support animal sooner than I'd like. He'll be coming home on June 3rd.

I just want you to know, big guy, that he will never, ever replace you, and I will never, ever forget you. You healed me, gave me a reason to live and keep coming home, loved me unconditionally, and provided me with all the blanket-burrowing and cuddles I could ever ask for. I'm always gonna be thankful for that.

You told me to make choices that benefit me. I'm hoping this puppy is one of those choices. And even though I still have so many doubts and worries about this decision, if it is a beneficial action, then I'm glad I'm following your advice.

I love you, Mr. Handsome. I always will. I'll see you at the Bridge one of these distant days.

= me.

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