winddriedsock (winddriedsock) wrote in note_to_cat,

yes, my schedule has changed....for now

Just because I left the humane society, I still have cats. In this case, furbabies ain't going away...until they pass over the rainbow bridge (or I help them over....which at times.........) anyway

Yes, darlings, my schedule has changed. You see...for training (six WEEKS of it) I'll be going in in the afternoon. On the bright side, you still have everyone else in the family to watch over you, clean out the litter box, feed all you and generally look after you. Yes, that includes the two year old. Sorry, not a darn thing I can do about her....except hope she grows up.


Velvet, my toothless wonder. While I'm not going to be all 'up in your butt' about things, I'm still watching over you. Yes, I will also be cleaning your paws, since you seem disinclined to do so yourself. My sweet girl, you do seem to be hurting now and then. As soon as I find that joint paste for kitties, I'll be sure to get a bunch of it.

Missie, I know....Spike has 'chosen' you as his girlfriend. Yes, he is fixed, as are you. He just got fixed later in life, and likes to have a snuggle partner. I know he looked at Velvet, but lets face it, you are a soft bunch of furry fat, she is a skinny thing with claws. I know who I would prefer to snuggle with. least Harlee is trying to use you as a pillow....that much.

Angel, you CAN get OUT of the catnip any time now. Let someone else have some.

Mouse, you can get OFF the quilt. Especially as you drool.

Tiger did you REALLY swipe at the kid? Wow....

Spike, I give you full permission to chase Missie all over the house if you wish. She needs the exercise. Besides, she's declawed, if she swats at you, at least it shouldn't bring blood.

In a few weeks, I'll be back to a more normal schedule, since I'll be working the am shift. Hey...I'll even be having DAYS OFF now.

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