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Now so few

To those very few cats now at the shelter
Goldie, Aramis, Comet, Markings, Midnight, Milo, Tiger, Tommy and Oreo, you are my STAR cats right now. Out in front, and(one hopes) getting seen for adoption. Milo, Tiger, really, it's ok. I know, your owner got rid of you. Believe me, if you cooperate, we'll find you a much better home. Maybe not together, but homes.

Denali, if you would stop tearing the scabs off your leg, and bleeding, things might be a little better. I know, that leg of yours is in bad shape. Well, our volunteer is going to take you to the TNR vet who, as he did with Stephen, will find out JUST what is wrong with your leg and fix it. You're a lovely long haired orange kitty, once ready to go, I'm sure you'll go fast.

Speaking of going fast, lovely Woxanna....once those kittens are weaned, I get the feeling you and they will be gone. You, my gorgeous girl, are a dilute calico with blue eyes. Your babies, well, their eyes are open, but too soon to know if they too will be blue eyed cats. As it is, they are definately on the large side. Deanna is the smaller, Beverly is the larger, and Jean-Luc is right there. You let me handle the babies, with just a bit of an admonishing meow now and then. Once they are gone, I just know your loveliness and wonderful personality will get you a home where you can be the pampered queen you are born to be. (and just think, no more kittens after these!!)

For the two time the vet is there, you two are up for the chop, despite what that one volunteer says. After all, if someone has to spend hours just to get to be able to touch either of you....and you tend to strike out at people who startle won't be adopted anyway. It is getting towards an early kitten season, we'll need the cages.

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