winddriedsock (winddriedsock) wrote in note_to_cat,

As the Christmas Carols play

To all my kitties here on this Christmas day,

Asteroid, yet ANOTHER black kitty. Super active little one. Marcus, a black cat with some silver tipping on your fur. Such a sweet loverboy. Cosmos, hopefully the last tiny kitten of the year. You barely tip the scale at one and a half pounds. That cute orange line down your'll go fast. Flint, a sweet grey tabby, get over those icky sniffles. Jadzia, Curzon, hugs to my ready to be fixed babies.

Eli, you and Micheal could be twins. You're the sweeter of the two. Micheal, you're just one big ole floof. Well, ok, both of you are. Kira, this time the vet had better get you fixed. Merlin, you're just not a happy boy are you, don't blame you at all. Ricochet, nope, not a feral at all, you were just scared. Bahama....oh the things I could call you..but I won't. Anna, so cute and little, Amur, love the misty grey tabby, KC, such a cute tabby too. Bagel, I hope they take you to petsmart...I swear I get more scratches from you than anyone else. Fairytale, I'm glad you are ready now. Over the ringworm, and looking sweet and pretty. The 'reach and grab' bit has GOT TO GO. Bianca, with so many who 'love' grey cats, why are you still here? poor baby.

Little Mouse, I'm sure soon you will leave our did your sister LadyHawke. Odo, your brother Quark has been adopted, I hope you get fixed and gone soon too. Black and white kittens do seem to go pretty quick. Nova, yes, I took you out of that nice big cage. Since Uhura got adopted, didn't make sense to keep you in there, since that is also a cage a use for feral cats. Sherbert, I'm glad you FINALLY are better. Do me a favor, stop biting holes in your tail. I hate cleaning up blood.

Tootsie, finally getting better I see. Toni, yep, getting bigger all the time, Fancy...well my lady, you were hissing and swatting your last kitten, so I took him away. Hissing at me now? Let us understand each other darling girl. I take care of you, chill out. Galan, I know, Fancy was being very mean. You now have a cage to yourself, your ringworm is almost gone, and you are big enough to get neutered. Enjoy. Oreo...if that damn vet tells me one more time to give you grain free food and dewormer, I'm going to scream. You fill your litter box with urine....that is a urinary problem. She's a quack.

To the three ferals. Ok, Kitty, you're not really a feral, just a very old and upset calico. I think you have a home though. Sure hope so. Hate to see you get put down just because you're old and mean. Thing and two are feral. I don't deal with ferals. Unless someone comes in asking for barn two will be given a one way ticket across the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, I will take care of you as best I can. Also as safely as I can.

I hope all of you enjoyed the canned food. It was a treat for Christmas, and I'll do the same on New Years Dat.

To my 'at home' cats're fat...and lazy. which is why I'm not getting on Spike when he decides to get all 'lovering' on you. I'm glad all of you are fixed.
Velvet...can we at least EAT before you start demanding to be able to clean our plates? Honestly're worse than a dog about that.
Spike, keep on chasing Missie, she needs the exercise.
Tiger, you still don't have the brains of a dead rock. We love you anyway ya big lug.
Mouse, now I know why you use Tiger as a pillow, big fuzzy warm lump.
Angel, you are looking better now that the fleas are nearly gone. You and Velvet were looking pretty scruffy for a while.

Oh the two cats who are 'boarding' with us. Penny, sheldon, deal with it. You are in a cage until your owner comes to get you.

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