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One of those huge updates....shouldn't we be getting fewer cats by now? all of you at the shelter,
Checkoff (formerly chappell) Delenn, Already wonderful, Midas, Artemis (now over that icky ringworm) Bahama...won't that girl EVER come get you?...Strudel, Londo (yes, I will name one G'Kar....or N'toth) Gumdrop, you guys and girls are my 'star crew' for now. Out in the front where everyone can see you. Such lovely ones as you are.'re feral, sad to say, such a lovely calico,'ve still got that 'manx thing' going on, but at least you aren't as bad. Still....with the vet insisting that deworming and grain free food can 'fix anything' I still would like to see her license. Tasha, now that you are separated from your sibs, at least they can eat...Sulu, Troi, you two can eat now, the evil one is gone. (all three black kittens....) Ginger, you and Tootsie just are not really getting better. Ok...your diarhea is better, as is hers, but you are just not gaining weight. Well...Tootsie is, finally. That damned ringworm though. Fancy...what is wrong baby girl? Your kittens were doing so well...and now....I'm feeding you the best I can is there something else wrong?

Little Bester (yes, a black kitten!!) and sister Marshmallow...(black and white) you two were kinda on the hissing side, now are sweet little things. Eat up, you two, get bigger so we can get you out front. Jadzia, Curzon, Vekek...such tiny little ones, Max, you are looking way better now that you're not all sneezy, Spooky,'ve been here way too long, sad to say, you're going out of the 'cute black kitten' and going into black cat. Kira, such a sweet girl, and looking better as well. Charming, not much like your name there fella.

Now to my 'ringworm' room (although, frankly, it's kinda all over the shelter,thanks to people who won't wash their hands after touching cats, and new people at the shelter who think that 'isolation' means, if they go in with the people) Sherbert, Tribble, I'm sorry you two have to be in those tiny cages, soon you'll be better, shirt is not your scratching post, Oreo...are you EVER going to get ok? Bombay, such a silly, Arthur, Cinderella, BabyRuth, equally silly kits, Tori, I'm glad we FINALLY got you named, honestly, saying 'that black kitten' is like saying 'that grain of sand on the beach' Bagel, chill, Caviar, soon lovely lady, Quark, Odo...stop that, you are NOT going to act like your at war with me, Scotty, Keika, teach those two some manners, won't you? Nova, such a tiny kit...Uhura, I'm glad you came in...well, not glad, but I was hoping for a siamese to name Uhura.

To my evil ones at home....Stop fighting over the food, and stop filling up the litter box. Velvet, you're now eating dry (found a food even SHE will eat) that means, oh toothlessone, one can of food per day, since you're gaining weight now. Missie, you WILL have a long as it is warm enough. Stop inviting fleas to live on you, you won't get bathed...that much. Get thin enough to wash your own butt, and I'll stop bathing you. Once we find a flea treatment that actually WORKS and doesn't cost the entire food budget. Angel, Mousie, yes, of course you may eat. Ingore the evil calico, or just stand up to her. Spike, what is this? Everytime Velvet is on my lap, you gotta join us now? What pray tell is going on? Tiger....there is nothing to say...except...lights on, no ones home...and I think the gerbil running your brain died. Oh...whoever caught the mouse, thank you...and next time...not in the middle of the room, ok?
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