Cygnet (cygninae) wrote in note_to_cat,

Dearest, dearest Dante

My beautiful little babycat,

We've had a good time together. 13 wonderful years of love and memories. You chased away my grief for my mother - you were my last, unplanned gift from her, the spitting image of the kitten grown up that featured on my bedroom wall as a child. You came into my nightmares and chased away the monsters, you brought me a bird when you thought I needed it, you made me laugh and complained bitterly at me and my husband when we argued, always bringing an end to the anger by us reassuring you and cuddling you that it was okay between us.

There's so much I want to say, so many wonderful things. I hate that I couldn't make you better, that we don't have much more time left. That I have until 11.30am this Saturday with you. Until that final visit. I'll be with you right till the last, my babycat.

I want to remember the way you smell, I want to carry that scent in my heart forever. I want to savour each second, bury myself in your fur and hold you, never let you go, never let your warmth grow cold. I can’t bear this hanging on til the time is nigh. And yet I can’t bear for the time to pass, I want to freeze each and every second, to stop this clock and step off sideways with you and keep this moment forever.

My sweet little babycat, I'm going to miss you so very much.

Tags: sad
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