winddriedsock (winddriedsock) wrote in note_to_cat,

Once more, an update...of sorts

So...I was on a food kick for a bit, now, it's all Star Trek and Babylon 5. So, the names will change...but not the cats. (as they come in, I name 'em....)
Domino, Buttercup, you two actually let me pick you up. No longer 'semi feral' but getting near to pets.'re just a wild's hoping the Vet agrees.
Kittens...all of you, most are doing pretty darn good. are getting to be a chunky little monkey. Cinder, you on the other can I get you to eat???? Cinderella, I'm glad you are not the one with diarhea...that is your Mama. She is getting better, now that you two are separated. Picard...oh, such a lovely handsome boy, and Kirk...I know you're a neutered boy but still such a lover.

Jinx, you made a wonderful recovery. Now, back out front, I'm hoping for someone to come and want a lovely Russian Blue. For the rest of you up front...chins up guys and gals.

Fancy, your babies are in the 'monster walk' stage. Oh so cute. Also named, Fission, Fusion, Mouse, Ladihawke, Sable and Mustard. Sadly, your little foster just did not make it.

Sheridan, Sinclair, welcome.

Velvet, got off the bread, that is not a bed. Missie...there is too darn much of you to sit in the middle of the kitchen, Spike, tiger, you two.....Angel, Mousie, glad to see you two are coming out more. Again, hang in there all of you, even two year old grow up....if we let her. At least she is more into hugging and kissing all of you, and not chasing you poor things around like the twins do (when they are allowed to come in the house at it is, we are considering letting them spend a night here, now and at a time)
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