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updates and changes

Ok, so I'll start at one end of the shelter, and go through...
Tootsie...the vet wouldn't even fix you. I did not know your diarhea was that bad. Well,we will just see what we can do. Fairytale, your little Cinderella seems to be gaining weight. Her sibs are already taken care of, so Aurora, Charming and Arthur can be adopted. Merlin has already gone home...the Vet took him. Noir, you're doing a bit better, and Fancy, your kittens are just too cute.

For my cats and kittens in the lobby, all of you are looking better. Bahama....chill out baby cat.

Coffee....why would someone put a microchip into a cat, then forget about it? Honestly, don't people know they have to register, update and pay a fee for them? Probably not. Sighs...well, all we can do is hope your owner is missing you, and will come to look for you. For my newer cats, and freshly spayed or neutered kittens, things are looking up. We haven't gotten a million more of you...although, it seems we are still getting little kittens in on nearly a daily basis. At least most of you are eating on your own....yes, are getting fat. Which is a good thing.

Buttercup, Domino, you two are getting a little bit more friendly. Here is hoping you'll both be adoptable, and not have to be put down as feral.

Jinxy....I'm going to be giving Bastet special prayers for you, my lovely girl. You are in pain, but the Vet doesn't seem to want to do anything. Somehow, I don't think grain free food and pituitrophen is going to do a darn thing. If you will accept them, special hugs and lovings to you...and, who knows...perhaps you will be going across the rainbow bridge, and be out of pain.

At home kitties? Flea season has been horrid this year. Weekly bathing (for those we COULD bathe), daily combings, and flea stuff hasn't seemed to made a difference. Things do seem to be getting better as the nights get colder. Flea traps are helping quite a bit as well. Now, I cannot do a darn thing about the other pest. Don't worry though, two year olds have a habit of growing up...eventually.
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