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What's that smell?

Dearest Sir Rumble Purr-Bucket of Love Sponge;

Thank you ever so much for being lovey and cuddly during my recent illness. It is very comforting to have a warm purring thing beside me in bed, though laying on my chest is somewhat less than helpful regarding breathing through my congestion.

We must speak on another matter, my dear catling. To be delicate (and quote a brilliant comedy troupe)...

You do NOT have to sit on my face to tell me that you love me.

Mashing your catling dangly bits into my nose was just unnecessary, uncalled for, rude, and a bit disgusting.

Until you are removed of the offending extremities in a few more weeks, please refrain from applying them to my person in such obvious ways. Yes, I know you have them and I don't, but rest assured that their current location is not their permanent location. I am also not jealous of them in the least. You are welcome to enjoy them in whatever capacities you decide to until the nice vet sees to it that you do not father more kittens than we can afford to keep (in other words, ANY) but I do not need to be that close to them in such a way.



Now stop biting my toe,
Foster Mom

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