April 10th, 2017

My sad farewell

No, this isn't to any cat who has passed on...this is to my job.

To all my furbabies at the humane society, Woxanna and babies, Denali, Mist, DG, and so many others, I'll miss all of you. I'll miss watching your babies grow up lovely Norma...Kimba, I'll miss seeing yours being born.

At the same time, there are a few things I won't miss. the needle punctures from those of you who like to sink claws into me, the fear of the getting attacked by ferals.

My best hopes and prayers to all of you, and those who will follow. I'm not, sadly, leaving you in the best of hands.

Then again, we still have the six at home. Velvet, my sweet girl, you are not looking well. Getting old, as we all are. Missie, still fat as ever, Spike, still going after you. Tiger, just as dumb as ever, Mousie....what IS the fascination you have over my craft work? Angel....no, you are NOT one. But, you are funny when you've been into the catnip.

New job starting. I'll always be grateful to the humane society for the job when I needed it. Just...time to move on.