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Dear Kittens

Oh cuteness that is the offspring of Serendipity (and apparently several dads) you are wonderful, however, the constant crying will get you no where. No wonder mom kitty wants out of the room! I would want to escape also. It is quite adorable how you all shut up the minute I walk into the room, but I cannot spend my entire day with you, no matter how much I want to (and only then if I could be paid for it somehow... just where do you think the kitten food comes from? Kibble Fairies?).
And for future reference, escaping from the "kitty pen" of boxes and assorted other items placed into a square shape is not acceptable. You will not be allowed out of the box if you cannot stay in the larger box-y area. I cannot crawl into those small spaces looking for you. I do not fit.
Lastly, I am not your mother. I am your grandmother. Do not try to nurse me, anywhere, on my body. Biting is not cool either. But climbing all over me in a kitten pile, purring those tiny motors, and falling asleep on me wherever you crash, is completely enjoyable to me and can be done at anytime.

The buyer of kitten kibble

And for the rest of you, WARNING! Adorable, cute, cuddlely balls of feline below....

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