Happy BirthdayTo Me!

It's my birthday today - 6 March - & it's almost over. It's been a lovely lazy day, aside from a walk I took this morning. It is quite cold & windy here, lately, & today was the same. All that fresh air, will help me sleep well tonight, though. So that's good.

I shall return to write more another time - tomorrow, maybe. Right now, I'm going to hit the hay as I'm quite sleepy.

Take care & God bless, all. Enjoy this picture of my sweet cat Dublin. 😻


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Dear Zinga

my dear dear Zinga.
thank you for the 4 or so years we spent together. you are such a good cat. your fur is beautiful and everyone who sees you always gasps "wow he's beautiful!" i enjoyed your company, how you always came to lay on the bed whenever me and the baby lay down on it. even though you kept attacking my plant you are my good boy. we will miss you kitt - but we are very happy to be separated from your human.

For The Life Of Me

Dearest Sir Faithful,

You will always be the special little boy who I fell in love with the day you mewed at me to take you home. You have turned my life around and found a way to put a smile on my face again after over a year of heart break first losing my dad to the four elderly furkids that came before you. You put up with Daenerys's grumblings and was such a goof. But now you have grown into this handsome little knight. You have always had me with your grip of your tail to get me to do what you want, such as feeding you extra, which isn't ideal for either your or your sister. You both are on diets now, on the doctor's orders. You were successful in your feat and lost 2 lbs! But your sister put on the weight... Go figure, she's always loved the crunchies and you love your canned. You silly boy will always make me smile. But you chasing after Arya, the clumsy 45lb pup in our care is not ideal. It scares her and all she wants is to cuddle with you. You love your cuddles. You see Daenerys cuddling with Arya. I just beg that you come around soon enough so there can be peace.

Much Love,

Your Ever Adoring Momma
Choujin Locke-back view

For perhaps the last time.

Dear Kravitz:

I let Mom badger me into getting a Dachshund puppy. She was after me to do it practically before you were even cremated because she was insensitively worried for my mental well-being, and in the end, it was easier to just let her have her way once more. 'Cause y'know, maybe she's right, and I do need another emotional support animal sooner than I'd like. He'll be coming home on June 3rd.

I just want you to know, big guy, that he will never, ever replace you, and I will never, ever forget you. You healed me, gave me a reason to live and keep coming home, loved me unconditionally, and provided me with all the blanket-burrowing and cuddles I could ever ask for. I'm always gonna be thankful for that.

You told me to make choices that benefit me. I'm hoping this puppy is one of those choices. And even though I still have so many doubts and worries about this decision, if it is a beneficial action, then I'm glad I'm following your advice.

I love you, Mr. Handsome. I always will. I'll see you at the Bridge one of these distant days.

= me.

yes, my schedule has changed....for now

Just because I left the humane society, I still have cats. In this case, however....my furbabies ain't going away...until they pass over the rainbow bridge (or I help them over....which at times.........) anyway

Yes, darlings, my schedule has changed. You see...for training (six WEEKS of it) I'll be going in in the afternoon. On the bright side, you still have everyone else in the family to watch over you, clean out the litter box, feed all you and generally look after you. Yes, that includes the two year old. Sorry, not a darn thing I can do about her....except hope she grows up.


Velvet, my toothless wonder. While I'm not going to be all 'up in your butt' about things, I'm still watching over you. Yes, I will also be cleaning your paws, since you seem disinclined to do so yourself. My sweet girl, you do seem to be hurting now and then. As soon as I find that joint paste for kitties, I'll be sure to get a bunch of it.

Missie, I know....Spike has 'chosen' you as his girlfriend. Yes, he is fixed, as are you. He just got fixed later in life, and likes to have a snuggle partner. I know he looked at Velvet, but lets face it, you are a soft bunch of furry fat, she is a skinny thing with claws. I know who I would prefer to snuggle with. Hey....at least Harlee is trying to use you as a pillow....that much.

Angel, you CAN get OUT of the catnip any time now. Let someone else have some.

Mouse, you can get OFF the quilt. Especially as you drool.

Tiger did you REALLY swipe at the kid? Wow....

Spike, I give you full permission to chase Missie all over the house if you wish. She needs the exercise. Besides, she's declawed, if she swats at you, at least it shouldn't bring blood.

In a few weeks, I'll be back to a more normal schedule, since I'll be working the am shift. Hey...I'll even be having DAYS OFF now.

My sad farewell

No, this isn't to any cat who has passed on...this is to my job.

To all my furbabies at the humane society, Woxanna and babies, Denali, Mist, DG, and so many others, I'll miss all of you. I'll miss watching your babies grow up lovely Norma...Kimba, I'll miss seeing yours being born.

At the same time, there are a few things I won't miss. the needle punctures from those of you who like to sink claws into me, the fear of the getting attacked by ferals.

My best hopes and prayers to all of you, and those who will follow. I'm not, sadly, leaving you in the best of hands.

Then again, we still have the six at home. Velvet, my sweet girl, you are not looking well. Getting old, as we all are. Missie, still fat as ever, Spike, still going after you. Tiger, just as dumb as ever, Mousie....what IS the fascination you have over my craft work? Angel....no, you are NOT one. But, you are funny when you've been into the catnip.

New job starting. I'll always be grateful to the humane society for the job when I needed it. Just...time to move on.
Choujin Locke-back view

Goodbye, my friend.

Dear Kravitz:

Now that you're at the Rainbow Bridge, be sure to look for all the other family pets who've gone before you. They'll keep you company until I can get there.

I love you. I always will. Thank you for everything.

= me.

My room is so much emptier now.
Choujin Locke-back view

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Dear Kravitz:

I've suspected this could be my last year with you since January. You're slowing down even more than usual. You have some impressive cataracts, you stumble when you walk sometimes, and other issues are getting worse. And my worries were essentially confirmed through the pet communicator I asked for help, because you told me through her, "No heroics. Seventeen is a good age."

So I'm gonna respect your wishes, big guy. I'll keep you fed and hydrated, keep you medicated and given supplements, and cuddle you every chance I get. And when the time comes, when you tell me you're ready to go, I just hope I get the message loud and clear, so I don't hold on too long and make you miserable.

I saved your life once when your thyroid needed to be nuked. In turn, you became my heart-healer, my sanity-keeper, my life-saver, the only reason I'd come home sometimes. I dearly wish I could save you again, but realistically, that's not possible. I'm grateful, so grateful, for all the time we've had together, and I truly, dearly hope I've made you as happy as you've made me.

But then, I must have, because you also told me "I love you."

I love you too. Thank you so, so very much for everything.

= me.

Now so few

To those very few cats now at the shelter
Goldie, Aramis, Comet, Markings, Midnight, Milo, Tiger, Tommy and Oreo, you are my STAR cats right now. Out in front, and(one hopes) getting seen for adoption. Milo, Tiger, really, it's ok. I know, your owner got rid of you. Believe me, if you cooperate, we'll find you a much better home. Maybe not together, but homes.

Denali, if you would stop tearing the scabs off your leg, and bleeding, things might be a little better. I know, that leg of yours is in bad shape. Well, our volunteer is going to take you to the TNR vet who, as he did with Stephen, will find out JUST what is wrong with your leg and fix it. You're a lovely long haired orange kitty, once ready to go, I'm sure you'll go fast.

Speaking of going fast, lovely Woxanna....once those kittens are weaned, I get the feeling you and they will be gone. You, my gorgeous girl, are a dilute calico with blue eyes. Your babies, well, their eyes are open, but too soon to know if they too will be blue eyed cats. As it is, they are definately on the large side. Deanna is the smaller, Beverly is the larger, and Jean-Luc is right there. You let me handle the babies, with just a bit of an admonishing meow now and then. Once they are gone, I just know your loveliness and wonderful personality will get you a home where you can be the pampered queen you are born to be. (and just think, no more kittens after these!!)

For the two ferals....next time the vet is there, you two are up for the chop, despite what that one volunteer says. After all, if someone has to spend hours just to get to be able to touch either of you....and you tend to strike out at people who startle you....you won't be adopted anyway. It is getting towards an early kitten season, we'll need the cages.

As the Christmas Carols play

To all my kitties here on this Christmas day,

Asteroid, yet ANOTHER black kitty. Super active little one. Marcus, a black cat with some silver tipping on your fur. Such a sweet loverboy. Cosmos, hopefully the last tiny kitten of the year. You barely tip the scale at one and a half pounds. That cute orange line down your nose...you'll go fast. Flint, a sweet grey tabby, get over those icky sniffles. Jadzia, Curzon, hugs to my ready to be fixed babies.

Eli, you and Micheal could be twins. You're the sweeter of the two. Micheal, you're just one big ole floof. Well, ok, both of you are. Kira, this time the vet had better get you fixed. Merlin, you're just not a happy boy are you, don't blame you at all. Ricochet, nope, not a feral at all, you were just scared. Bahama....oh the things I could call you..but I won't. Anna, so cute and little, Amur, love the misty grey tabby, KC, such a cute tabby too. Bagel, I hope they take you to petsmart...I swear I get more scratches from you than anyone else. Fairytale, I'm glad you are ready now. Over the ringworm, and looking sweet and pretty. The 'reach and grab' bit has GOT TO GO. Bianca, with so many who 'love' grey cats, why are you still here? Spooky...my poor baby.

Little Mouse, I'm sure soon you will leave our house...as did your sister LadyHawke. Odo, your brother Quark has been adopted, I hope you get fixed and gone soon too. Black and white kittens do seem to go pretty quick. Nova, yes, I took you out of that nice big cage. Since Uhura got adopted, didn't make sense to keep you in there, since that is also a cage a use for feral cats. Sherbert, I'm glad you FINALLY are better. Do me a favor, stop biting holes in your tail. I hate cleaning up blood.

Tootsie, finally getting better I see. Toni, yep, getting bigger all the time, Fancy...well my lady, you were hissing and swatting your last kitten, so I took him away. Hissing at me now? Let us understand each other darling girl. I take care of you, chill out. Galan, I know, Fancy was being very mean. You now have a cage to yourself, your ringworm is almost gone, and you are big enough to get neutered. Enjoy. Oreo...if that damn vet tells me one more time to give you grain free food and dewormer, I'm going to scream. You fill your litter box with urine....that is a urinary problem. She's a quack.

To the three ferals. Ok, Kitty, you're not really a feral, just a very old and upset calico. I think you have a home though. Sure hope so. Hate to see you get put down just because you're old and mean. Thing and Russia....you two are feral. I don't deal with ferals. Unless someone comes in asking for barn cats...you two will be given a one way ticket across the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, I will take care of you as best I can. Also as safely as I can.

I hope all of you enjoyed the canned food. It was a treat for Christmas, and I'll do the same on New Years Dat.

To my 'at home' cats
Missie...you're fat...and lazy. which is why I'm not getting on Spike when he decides to get all 'lovering' on you. I'm glad all of you are fixed.
Velvet...can we at least EAT before you start demanding to be able to clean our plates? Honestly girl...you're worse than a dog about that.
Spike, keep on chasing Missie, she needs the exercise.
Tiger, you still don't have the brains of a dead rock. We love you anyway ya big lug.
Mouse, now I know why you use Tiger as a pillow, yeah...one big fuzzy warm lump.
Angel, you are looking better now that the fleas are nearly gone. You and Velvet were looking pretty scruffy for a while.

Oh yes...to the two cats who are 'boarding' with us. Penny, sheldon, deal with it. You are in a cage until your owner comes to get you.