winddriedsock (winddriedsock) wrote in note_to_cat,

It has been a while, hasn't it

Lots of changes, but still same old thing.
Fancy, you are a truly lovely bright tortie, and your newborn kittens are just darling. I'm hoping they are the last litter of the year. After all, the other cat I was suspicious about got fixed yesterday. you now have six lovely babies.
Fairytail and GlenEllen, you two will be having your babies taken away and fixed over the next couple of weeks. They are getting bigger and very feisty, I'm sure you two will enjoy the peace and quiet, and being able to eat without babies taking it all. Besides, you two are lovely cats as well, and should go quickly.
Those of you who got fixed, don't worry, the pain goes away, then people are gonna want to take you home and spoil you. We can hope that lots and lots of you get adopted over the next few months....if only to get the shelter a bit emptier.
Domino, Buttercup, will you two chill out and settle? Yes, I know, you were running free and are now in tiny cages. Still...I'm not the evil person trapped you, I'm just the tired lady who feeds you and cleans your cages.
For all you black cats, Rasberry, Noir, Spooky, Max, Arthur, Cinderella, Charming, Aurora, Nikki, and any who might come in, next month, we won't be letting any of you get adopted. (which sucks, cause four of those are Fairytale's kittens) Not that I think anyone around this area is going to pay 75.00 to kill a kitten, but one never knows. Of course, the boss may have other ideas, but we'll see, now won't we.

For my 'at home' kitties, Missie...don't get mad because I laugh at you for pawing at the gate separating the kitchen from the rest of the house. I know, you, unlike the other cats cannot slide through the baby gate, or get over. That means you have to sit there and paw at the gate until someone opens it. Especially when the baby is up. Sorry fat cat, but you'll just have to deal. Tiger, Spike, MUST you do the indie 500 at 3am? Mouse, that evil cat is just mad because you try to eat all her food. She has no teeth, let the poor skinny raggedy thing eat. She's old. Angel, it is nice to see you coming out of hiding. Now that the fleas are leaving, you and Missie are both looking better. You are both flea magnets, winter is a nice time.
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