winddriedsock (winddriedsock) wrote in note_to_cat,

Dearest cats

Rasberry and Noir, settle down, please? Kittens...ok, you don't need to settle, but Jinx, you are looking a lot better. Sugar, I'm getting you out of that corner cage. You need someplace where people can SEE you...not just hear you.

Sadly, we've lost a LOT of kittens. Very young ones, like in less than a month old. I wish to HELL people would STOP PICKING UP LITTERS OF KITTENS. Dammitall, I hate losing entire litters. If people would have just left them, Mama would have been able to raise them.

Corona, Chablis, three will be out front as soon as I have cages. GlenEllen, you, my sweet girl are doing a wonderful job with your own six babies. (yes, I'm naming cats after booze...its been a bad few weeks)

For those of you who are ready to be fixed...sorry, but this past week have been a week to forget. Not only did we get in nearly twenty cats, but all those dogs as well. The vet didn't have time to get to the cats...except three of them. Well...means next week, I'll have a LONG list of kitties to get fixed. Won't that be fun???

Missie, we will continue to comb you with that flea comb. I do prefer that to bathing. It is doing some good, you have fewer fleas. Maybe we can get Angel as well. Velvet, if you don't eat your food, another cat will. I'm not going to stand over you while you eat. Especially not after the kids ordered in pizza. Oh...and you still do not get milk, cheese or any dairy product. Your system doesn't like it, even though you do. Oh yes...thank you for allowing little Harlee to hug and kiss you without clawing her eyes out. Either you like her, or you are mellowing in your old age. Or,most likely, you just are too old, stiff and sore to do so. Either way, she loves you, and eventually even two year olds grow up. After all, her mother did.
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