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Some days, I barely know WHAT day it is

Ok, guys and gals of the feline persuasion at work, it's been downright weird lately.
Our ghost is active.
Very active in fact. all of you in the lobby, chill out. As far as I can tell, he's just slamming doors, opening dog kennels, having whispered conversations and wandering about. So far, no ones been hurt, we're all just freaked out. Well, the HUMANS are freaked. He doesn't seem to mess with the cats, but the dogs sure get messed with. Even Stubby hides out when he's active.

For all of you cats in the front, chins and whiskers up. So many of you are adoptable right now, we should see a few more adoptions. After all, Tina, QueenAmadalla and Chelsea all got furever homes, let's see if the rest of you can go too.

Buzzy, welcome to the humane society. You are one truly lovely chocolate point siamese. Your kittens however....two grey tabbies, and even the beige or cream colored look to have tabby markings. Well, no big problem there. Of course, they are just barely over a week old. I'm glad your a friendly girl. Love those blue eyes.

Candi, when ARE you gonna have them babies?????

Lena, I'm just too proud for words. You adopted those three, and are allowing them to nurse, you're cleaning them, and making sure they are learning what they need to know.

For all you tiny kittens, (and some not so tiny) as soon as we can get some room in front, I'll be getting a few of you out of there. Connie, you'll be one of the first to go up front. A lovely dilute calico, and such a sweet girl. Let's just get you fixed first, ok?

Mama Keesha, your babies are still so tiny. I know you're getting more than enough food, but I do worry.

So to all of you, yep, I'm coming in, I'm getting everyone fed and taken care of. Hugs to those who accept them, and Flower....I'm fattening you up for the stew pot. You are one evil rabbit.

After the day off

What a change one day off can make.
Flower...ok, so you're a rabbit. No problem...well, I can pet you...getting you out of that way jose. Well...I've dealt with such things before.
Stubby...poor guy. Ok, so you're a doxie, not a cat. (I've been SOOOOO tempted to put this guy into a cat cage...especially after tripping over him numerous times while trying to get the cats done) I know...our director retired, no more getting parts of her lunch. We all miss her...
Coco, Missy...I cannot tell you how proud I am of you two. I don't like the lady who takes our cats to Petsmart. You two...threatening to rip her face off...I LIKE that. You two get extra treats and hugs from me...just don't tell anyone, ok?
Dallen...ok...stop with the cute already. The guy from the news show just about had you as the only cat. Yep, you'll get adopted quick. You're an adorably cute pale orange tabby. The only thing cuter than you in this place is the brother and sister act of Poet and Surge. Our nearly lookalike twins who sit and give identical looks of 'head tilt, eyes wide'
Candi girl, you're just getting bigger by the day. Lena, I'm sure the babies will be just fine without you. The boys are fixed, the girls will be shortly. Your days as Mama are over, we can get you fixed and adopted. You can ask Kitten how it is to be 'no longer a mama' She's next door.
To my M kittens...well...maybe if Lena will accept you, her days as Mama won't be over. Might ask the Vet about that. Your mama had a diabetic seizure, sadly and passed on. There are only three of you...
Sender, Sam, Sander....could you stop trying to gulf the gap between us? Really, I know you three are totally 'people orientated' but please let me pick you guys up, don't launch yourself onto me. Sender, you are the only one who looks just like your daddy. Hopefully you won't get as big.
Well, a new day, and hopefully lots of donations will come in, in response to the news bit. Benny, you even got a special hug, so maybe we'll even see about getting you adopted.

My little loves...

My Dearest Daenerys,
Happy anniversary my princess! A year ago mommy and daddy walked into the shelter where you chose us and we took you home! That was the best decision ever! You have helped daddy and I heal broken hearts, be happier than we have been in a while. Hard to think of a time when you weren't a part of our family. You are our special girl and we love you very much.

Dearest Sir Faithful,
Boy have you grown since coming into our care. When we first took you home you were this tiny little 8 week old kitten and now you are a year old and blossomed into the young fella that you are. You are full of love and cuddles and a fair share of trouble, but you are most certainly worth it. Happy birthday my boy and many more to come your way.

Much love,
Your ever adoring momma

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This past week....stress city

Ok cats and kittens, it's been a stressful week. I won't be in on monday, since I'm actually taking the day off. Get some things done at home, like yard work, paper work, sleep. I'll be back in, don't worry, you won't starve. One of the guys will take care of you. Maybe not like I do, but at least I did leave them the procedure chart and feeding chart.

For you in the lobby, the only one I'm really worried about is you Tina. While I do have that 'wet food only' sign on your cage. Well...doesn't mean people read signs now do they? Dusty1, Cloe, you two behave yourselves, ok? There is no need to hiss and spit at the nice person feeding you. Bluebell, I KNOW you can walk, I've seen you do just that.'re one big cat. I get a workout just moving you . Oh one other thing, pee goes INSIDE the cat litter box.

For all of you new kittens, welcome. At least four of you are old enough to get fixed. Cute guys and girls too. Shade, you've calmed down a lot. No hissing at me? Darn. You're so CUTE when you do the 'up on the toes, hiss spit, snarl, puff up the tail, hop from side to side' bit. I'm sorry...when a two pound kitten does all the 'I'm evil and mean and gonna tear your face off' bit, it's just CUTE. Of course, when a seven to fifteen pound CAT does it...I grab our Vet's cat knabber. (Vets greatest friend that)

Fluffy, your babies are fine. Well, the three remaining ones are. Getting bigger by the day. Lena, I'm glad you're still nursing those little ones. Almost there sweet girl. Kitten, I had to put you in the back. You're just not bouncing back like you should. What is it with you mama cats? You're perfectly fine while nursing, then once the babies are gone, you get sick.

Sam, stop yowling. You are NOT our cat. Although, the Vet and I have talked. As soon as things slow down a bit, you will be going to the shelter for a quick operation. Oh..and stay off those strawberries in the back. Don't eat my tomatoe plants and kindly get out of my way when I try to walk out the door.

Finally, since I can't forget...Missie, the bath wasn't THAT bad and I know I got rid of most of your fleas. Yes you WILL be getting more baths. Since flea meds just don't seem to work on you at all. Velvet, I'll be looking into other options for you. Maybe one of those good flea collars, since putting the liquid stuff on you just makes things difficult around here for a few days.

Mercy me...more cats

Dearest little just couldn't quite make it, could you.'re across the rainbow bridge,chasing butterflies by now. Your three sibs seem just fine, hopefully I can get THEM raised...along with all the others.
Poet, Surge, you cute...
Krystal, Kong, Kenya, Kit...almost there guys and girls, along with Doodle, Doxie and Dusty. Just a few more little ounces and our Vet can spay/neuter, and you'll be available for adoption. Kitten, as soon as YOU get well, you'll be under the knife, and no more kittens for Kitten.
Troy...I just KNEW you wouldn't make it. Yep...felv positive. Well, I can only hope your last days were as happy as could be, considering you were in a cage. Hugs to my pretty tabby boy.
Candi..yep...pregnant..and too far along for the abort/spay. Another litter of kittens to be born, oh joy. Guess I'll be moving Lena and her babies out shortly anyway, as soon as they are all two pounds. Then my sugarCandi girl can have the nice big cage, in which to take care of the babies.
Cloe, you'll be in a mood tomorrow. Well, at least you're already taken care of, so the Vet just had to test you. Still had to sedate you. Guess I'll be finding out about the evil Lemonaide in the morning.
Bluebell...what can I say about you. Twelve years old, 22 pounds of cat. If you were orange, we'd be calling you Garfield. At least you're already spayed. Still...we'll have to have your back end shaved so we can clean you off. Since you can't reach yourself back there. You are one BIG cat. The guy who surrendered you should be shot.
Fern, Amadalla, Leia, up little girls. Now that you are all fixed, I can get you little ones adopted. Considering the lady who puts cats into the cages at Petsmart was whining because we didn't have any kittens. Well...we've got 'em...just not very old.
Chins and whiskers up there, guys and gals. Lots of changes coming, like our Director retiring, and no new director in sight. I'll be taking care of best I can, just like always.

Velvet, I'm glad you're eating more. Missie...that first bath took care of of LOT of those evil fleas. Let's see if we can go through the summer with a minimum of fuss, and fewer of those darn bugs.

May. 11th, 2015

Dear Diva,

Please eat your squishyfoods. I know you can tell that I mix your meds in them, but please eat. I know you prefer the dry stuff; yes it is prescription, too, but it doesn't help your hydration levels. More squishyfoods means less time with the sub-Q fluids, and I think that's something we could both agree on. I really hate needles, and I hate sticking you even more.

Love always,
your stressed out mama

AS this week winds to a close

Ok, cats and kittens, it's been a stressful week. A Lot has been going on, and will continue to go on, so, lets all see what we can do.

For those few of you who are ready to be adopted, lets get those whiskers up. HanSolo, Saturn, you two are going to be my problem children aren't you. For kittens, you two are sure evil and mean. Take some lessons from Amadalla and Fern, ok? They are sweet, cuddly, purry and just downright nice. Oh, and they are right next door.

Jack, someone out there loves you. As someone also loves Charles. I've just so many of you orange cats.

Troy, Benny...I just KNOW there is something wrong with you two. My intuition is kinda on the faulty side at times, but....yeah...once the Vet tests you two, I'm sure it will be the rainbow bridge. In the meantime, I'll make sure you have the good noms and clean cages.

Mama Lena, your babies are getting so BIG. Five fluffbutts, all so cute. One of those 'sideways' looks after they are ready to go, and they will be adopted. You, on the other hand....well, maybe after you've weaned those little leeches we call kittens, and get yourself back together, you'll be finding a home as well. You are a sweet and pretty girl.

For those at Petsmart...yep, I'm talking to YOU GrumpyGussie (aka Dusty) Be nice, get adopted, and STAY adopted. If Mike can do it, anyone can.

For my new ones, no evil scratching and biting the nice person who feeds you. In case you are wondering, that's me.

For my 'at home' kitties.....Missie...why is it, when I put that flea stuff on you, your fleas multiply at a ferocious rate? Maybe if I left it off....well, bath time, see if I can't get a few of those fleas of yours to drown.'s summer, so Missie gets baths.

Velvet, you seem to like that new food. I even saw you swat at Missie when she tried to try some. Good girl, maybe you'll gain a bit of that weight back. I just hope you continue to like the new food.

Midnight, Fluffy, did you two get trapped by those people who say they are with the local TNR group? Sighs....we'll take care of those kittens, until they are old enough that I can take them in and get them adopted. We all KNOW who the father is....(as it is...hubby is now surrogate 'mama') I just hope you two have a good place now. Be well, my sweet girls. You may have just been 'porch' cats, but you both were a good sight to see.

Just to let everyone at the shelter know, the Vet is expected back. She was on vacation, but is coming back into a very full house indeed. She'll work as fast as she can, so I can get all of you ready for a new furever home.

Please come home..

Dear Tyr,

Please come home. I'm sorry I was distracted by my five year old, and I didn't noticed she'd left the door to my room open letting you escape out the open window. I'm sorry I was able to get to you fast enough this morning before you vanished into the brush and into places I can't follow. Just... please come back. Hang out in the basement stair well, or find the bucket of food near the window I put down... just stay there until you see us and we can rescue you from the big scary outdoors. Don't go into the neighboring lot, don't go near the street, don't go near ANYONE unless you're certain they'll call the number on your collar.

Just please come home. You're the most wonderful cat I've ever had, and home is not home without you. Alaria doesn't understand where you've gone either, your small person misses you so much. Please just come home.

Info on Tyr and how to get him homeCollapse )

Update! Tyr has been found and is home safe!



Dear Posh and Prince,

I'm not sure if you noticed, but there's a bug right there. Right in front of you. See it? Moving around on the floor? Right there in front of you? Oh, you do? THEN WHY AREN'T YOU CHASING IT?

Useless, absolutely useless...

Sighs...another day another idiot

Dearest Lemonade, You are a new kitty here, so welcome, and I hope you're in a better mood than you were when you came in. Your story...well, I don't know it, but if that old deaf person WAS your owner....I hope like hell he overturned that SUV he was driving and bashed his head in so badly, they'll need fingerprints and dental records to say who he was.
He trapped you, and the one kitten. Brings them in....won't fill out paperwork (according to this idiot..he 'dropped out of school a LONG time ago..yeah, he was old and deaf....couldn't read, yet was driving...and threatened me with dumping the cat and kitten on my porch)

I take you out of the cage, he then reached in and THREW THE KITTEN INTO THE CARRIER.

I guess I can't blame you for not taking care of the baby. Well....if you do calm down enough to be friendly, we can find you a good home. If not...I'll take care of you until the Vet does.

To the masses of kittens (about 25 or so) chill guys...I'm working as fast as I can to feed you.
Kitten, now that you are no longer in heat, I'll have to put you up front. Sighs....I need the cages in the back since people are FLOODING us with kittens. Don't worry, your four are just fine, getting bigger and fatter all the time.
Cloe....what am I going to DO with you?? You are such a pretty cat. All pretty grey fur with just that little bit of white. You rub up against the front of the cage like you WANT to be petted, then you hiss at me. I suppose I could be brave, get the cat knabber and open the cage, see what happens. I'm getting pretty darn good with that thing...and I do see why our Vet calls it her best friend.

Frank...stay OUT of the feed shed, or by all you hold dear, I'll kick you in your non existent nuts. You are our assistant directors cat, and I do NOT have to feed you.
Robyn...hah....seen you again. I guess the State Patrol office has a pet now. At least you stuck around long enough for our Vet to spay you.

Sam....once our Vet is back, and gives me and I are going for a little ride. I'm sorry big boy...but your days of being 'resident tomcat' are numbered. I HOPE your owners find out about that too. the new collar, red is YOUR color.


Dear Cat...

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