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To my kitties

Dear Sir Faithful,
First off, welcome to the family bud. Thank you for choosing daddy and I to adopt you, we already love you immensely. You are a cute lil fella and have already wormed your way into our hearts. Don't worry about your big sister, she's not good with change, but I am most certain that she will accept you my little one. We really only went to donate insulin and syringes when we went to the shelter. Yes we came in and saw you, and how you reached out to me and did a little 'mew.' That melted my heart. Then you let me hold you and you snuggled on my chest and purred, heart melt again. Then you let daddy hold you, and you snuggled on his tummy and purred, his heart melted. Yes we took you home. Your playfulness and willingness to be held is most definitely helping Daddy recover from the loss we went through earlier. You are not a replacement, but you are now a part of our family. We love you bud, and look forward to watching you grow!

My Dearest Daenerys,
We are not. Replacing you. You are in your forever home with mommy and daddy, and we love you ever so much. You are a sassy one for sure, but I'm sure soon enough you will love your baby brother. Please be gentle and let him love you. We love you little girl and we always will.

Much love,
Your ever adoring Momma



Never a full moment.

To my two dearest,

Fig, when I first brought you home you were a skinny, hyper two month old. Your first mom begged me to get you a little earlier than I expected but not because she didn't love you, she had a whole litter of kittens and couldn't keep up with all of your energy. Now, in just a couple of weeks, we will celebrate the anniversary of bringing you home. Still energy packed and rambunctious, I am so glad to call myself your human. I love your kisses, and your nightly head massage, and those big beautiful eyes of yours that always look sad and have the ability to touch my heart.

Panther, my black knight, I'm so glad you and Fig have gotten along so well. At first I was a little apprehensive that you two weren't going to play well together. After this first year, I am so proud you have taken the big brother role so grandly. I know Fig demands a lot of attention, but I try to divide it both equally among you and her and your lack of jealousy is immensely appreciated. You know you're still king of the household, and my right-hand man. Never forget that.

I love you two more than words can explain! Please take my smothering in stride and know that it comes in return for treats and cuddles!

Custard Tarts

My Dearest Zilly

I know you are the most spoilt cat for miles around. Your hooman gets you nice treats such as catnip and tidbits of chicken, cheese and other culinary delights, but let's get one thing straight...the custard tarts are a no no. It is no good turning on those laser beam eyes of yours and turning on the charm. There is a limit to how often you are spoilt! So kindly keep your beautiful paws off MY treat!!

With Love

Your Loving Hooman Companion and Feeder of Treats

PS It is lovely that you wake me up in the mornings. The Maori style kissing of my nose with your nose is very sweet but do you really have to do that at the crack of dawn? 5am is not considered as being awake time.

PPS Thank you for posing for me and giving me this lovely photo of you

PPPS As I am on holiday and if you are very good I will give you some shrimps for dinner. Love you loads!!!

Jul. 11th, 2014

My darling Sunny,

I'm very sorry about your bad day.

I promise that it will be over by Tuesday baby!

Human mom

kitty poo

dear cats,
please let me know which one of you is having diarrhea. with three of you i can't figure it out, as you all share the litter boxes. i need to know so i can make sure you are not sick.

your slave

What a day

What a day it was at the little Humane Society. First off....Siah...poor baby. First you got shoved into that tiny cage in the puppy room. That is, sadly, what happens when there are no cages (or kennel crates) for use in the cat Iso. Well, I solved that problem. We switched the puppy ISO tiny, meant for one to two pound animals for my two weirder sized cages, that he can put two, or even three small puppies. While I now have 8 cages for my tiny kittens. While I may not use the top two (since they are at the six food height, and I'm five foot tall) six more cages is a blessing from whatever gods and goddesses there might be.
So....Snow, Nico, Sally, Spits, five got the smaller cages, cause you guys and girls are like...1.3 to 1.12 pounds. Athena should be able to either go up front, or into the kitten room. Or I'll put Waverly in there, as I can tell him from all the others.
Puma, you just got fixed, poor boy. I'd put you in the kitten room, but we have so many black and near black...Waverly would be another orange kitten. Easier for your poor tired 'mama' to figure out who is who. At least now, all but Dream is ready for adoption out front. Dream will be coming to the back as well. Since I can switch him out with Athena...then find a cage for Panda. may not be going out front for a few days. Just do me a favor sweet cat...don't have those kittens. I know the abort/spay is just as bad, but at least that won't mean MORE kittens. I already have so many.
Wendy, enjoy your being fostered with the babies. You are even sweeter than Nestle, and I'll miss having you snuggle into my lap as I get you out of your cage to clean it. Be sweet as you are...once you're adoptable, you'll be someone many will want.
Jewel...I don't know about you. You were ok when you were here, then you get fostered, and now you're hiding and being all freaked out.
Kittens...what can I say. There are so MANY of you....the kitten room is full, I've kittens in cages in the lobby...and even more in ISO and foster. Here is hoping we get all of you adopted.

Velvet, Missie...I'm glad you two are getting along. One less problem for your tired, overworked, under rested 'mama' Things will get better, ladies. There will be less cats at work, I'll have more time to get the things done at work I need to, then I can come home and relax, knowing I don't have to worry about the ones at work. Hugs and cuddles to all the ones at work, and special cuddles for my two at home.

Good byes are bittersweet

My Dearest Danielson,

Yesterday wasn't what I wanted. I am so very saddened by your sudden death. I know it was your time and all, but it was so soon. My heart hurts at this loss. I know you are now with your brother again, which gives me comfort. I miss you buddy. You passed in my arms which must have brought you comfort to be in loving arms and not alone. I am not mad that you bit me, you were in a seizure and you had no control. We didn't have the chance to get you to the vet to give you assistance. I'm sorry my boy, I do hope it wasn't because we boarded you while we went on a little vacation. I knew you were in good hands, and they took good care of you my boy. I miss you so very much. I love you and always will. Rest in peace my dear boy.

Much love,

Your Grieving Momma

Ps. Enjoy your cuddles with Meowgi, and tell Dad I love and miss him very much <3

To Our Little Princess


To Our Dear Little Princess.

Firstly let me start by saying you are the strangest little cat either mummy or daddy have ever have. We have reason to believe you are a cross Siamese of some percentage so maybe this has to do with all your little quirks (ie the howling, the constant need to climb up our necks to nuzzle our faces or your desire to stalk and pounce anything). When you came into our lives you were the complete opposite of what we were looking for in a feline baby (we actually wanted a male tabby with more of a passive personality) but you chose us that day at the pet store and I know the 3 of us (your big kitty brother included) could not imagine life without you now.

However baby why are you throwing up so much suddenly?
You are always dry-retching like you are coughing up a furball, way more than your brother ever has and he is a long haired cat.
We switched your food to anti-furball stuff and for abit it seemed to be working somewhat but alas it's gotten bad again and now you are throwing up aswell as just retching.
Mummy and daddy don't know what else to do, I try to comb you but you bite the comb everytime and make it hard.....but maybe it's not furball related at all - what are you eating babygirl that is making you so sick?

I know you will hate it but if you don't start getting better soon we will have to take you to the vet to make sure nothing more serious is going on.

Get Better Soon....Love Mummy, Daddy & Koga xx

In the good old summertime....

Where do I start? Well, sadness first. Sweet nervous little Hampton, I get the feeling you ate something bad at your new home. Hopefully Princess won't have the same horrid luck. I hate hearing that any of you are gone. Especially since two of our fosters kittens were also felv pos. Not good for that foster, or any other kittens from that batch.
Toni, if you behave nicely, you are our new lobby cat. You are big, loud and no one is going to overlook you. If you are the nice sweet loving girl I know you can be, you'll be adopted quickly. Seems our lobby cats do go fast. People can see how nice you are. Wish I could do that with Vanyel, but she tends to attack poor stubby.
Spitz...I know kittens can be dangerous. Still, you are the second kitten I've gotten on a bite hold. (basically, if an animal bites someone, we have to hold them for ten days to see if they are sick) My feeling on this is, you got picked up wrong. You are probably wild, Mama is more than likely feral. You are also too young. Well...we shall see. As young as you are, as long as nothing is wrong, you'll be a nice kitty.
Wendy, sweet mama cat....I'm glad you are doing well. Your kittens could be doing better, but I think it is due to you being so skinny. I'm feeding you as much as I can, sweet girl. Hopefully the meds will help. Certainly I can see more weight on you. Don't worry, just about three more weeks and the kittens will be old enough to wean.

To all my babies in the kitten room, and those going into it, enjoy. We have new cat furniture in there. You guys and girls are all so cute as you pile into those baskets to sleep. I do hope we get a LOT of you adopted...I've got another 29 in ISO who will be coming out soon.

To my ladies at two are weird. Here I scrimp and save to get the best possible foods for you, you turn your noses up, but scarf down the cheaper stuff. Ok, no problem. While I won't get anything really bad for you....cheaper is good right now. Yes, I will be getting more flea stuff too.

Jul. 2nd, 2014

Indy darling,

The following things are not dangerous enemies that need to be stalked and pounced into submission:

  • cotton buds

  • shopping bags

  • the couch

  • cardboard boxes

  • my shoelaces

  • my feet

You're lucky you're so cute.



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