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Sad tidings, Scruffy, Sylvester, you two were both felv+. Both put down, and I hope to meet you both at the Stone Bridge. Hugs to Mirage, you turned out Fiv+ and were taken to the rescue for such. Live long and prosper my lovely boy. Monkey, you got so sick, but we could NOT get to even touch you. Sadly, you too had to be put down. Your brother now has a home, not that he was any nicer, but he is now a barn cat. You evil feral kittens are now fostered, except for one. I will get you to cuddle yet. Love my long haired orange kitties....I've so many of you.

Ken, I don't think you're getting better. That prolapsed prostate...nope, not good.
Czar, you're now at Petsmart, you can WOW them my boy. Sunshine, Moon, KittyGirl, Muffin, and all you others at Petsmart, chins and whiskers up, and act pretty....at least until you get adopted, then you can act like you always do.

Sky, you'll be going home ASAP. Ian, Gracie, Terry, Mittens, Tilly, Trip, you're all getting better, no sneezing, so pretty soon.

Larry, Tiffany, Random, Shandi and Percy, you do brighten up the lobby.
Now for the squees....Enoch, Dinah, Delilah, welcome to the shelter. Three of the CUTEST kittens. One grey and white (Enoch) one tortie (Delilah) and my fave calico (Dinah) Just two months old, not the first kittens to come in, but three of the prettiest so far. We are supposed to get Mama in as well, but she is recovering from her spaying. Hope she is a pretty girl too.

Missie, when you sleep on my feet, you KNOW I move now and then. Deal. Tiger, Spike, my sleeping area is off limits during the nightly Indie 500. Velvet, you are taking those joint pills. You just don't know it. Eat your canned food like a good girl and you'll continue to feel less stiff and achey. For all of you...flea season is upon us, you WILL get the flea treatments. ONe way or another. That is not a threat my loves, that is a promise.

Dear cats at work and home

Czar, Ian, Sky, Larry, Terry, Spike and Ken,
You are my sickies. Hoping all of you get better and soon. Sky, someone wants you, and we just need to cure the sneezings. Well, the same is for all of you. Hugs to all of you, take your meds like the good little furballs I know you can be. Spike, I know, that stuff tastes HORRID (got some spit into my mouth...YUCK) still, that wound on your side is finally closing up. Get healed up, fixed and you too can get a furever home.

Mittens, Stacey, Gracie, Random, Kittygirl and Shandi....you are my 'adoptables' for now. Sadly, there are not a lot of you. Still, you are all looking VERY good indeed. Whiskers up ladies, and Random, there are homes out there.

Scruffy...I think you're a burmese mix under the hair loss, general horrid condition. I'm sure you can be a handsome boy, should you not be sick. Lupine, I so feel like telling that whack job of a lady who adopted you, (then brought back because of a little blood in his stool...I've not seen any) that as a long haired cat, you NEED to be inside and BRUSHED often. Otherwise, you'll get mats. Oh..and she needs to take you to HER vet. (if we let her take you back) Mirage, soon lovely boy, you'll be out front as well.

For those not so dear cats...all you ferals....I'll feed you, I'll clean your cages. Monkey, Shakespeare, I know you two were brought in by your former owner, still...you've been hissing, growling and lunging at me from day one. As to you little kittens, I'll tame your asses yet. Feed you until you can't eat any more, and start in on the lovings.

Velvet, Missie, I'm so glad you two are creating YOUR places in the new house. I know, I dumped you two down into a place with four other cats AND a toddler. Velvet, you've pretty much shown everyone here that you are NOT to be messed with. You can tame down the hissing and growling any old time. I'm NOT impressed. Missie...I'm sorry my lovely girl. But...as a ragdoll, and a fat cat, toddler has decided you are 'her' cat, and a wonderful pillow. Tiger, Spike, Mouse, Angel, thank you for the snurslings and such. Yes, I will continue to get up early, make sure you all have food and water, and a clean litter box.

My Ever Adoring Children

Dear Daenerys,

It's come to mind that you have been with us for about two years or so now. You have been nothing short of the sweet little girl I had hoped for. I love how much of a daddy's girl you truly are. You have really adapted well to the home we have given you, which makes me quite happy. You are nothing short of an angel, though you have your moments where you don't quite listen very well to what you are asked to do, like stop eating plastic. We are getting better at picking up the plastic, which means you don't have a lot of that around. You are so sweet to your brother, which makes me very happy. I'm proud of you little girl.

Dear Sir Faithful,

You are a rambunctious little boy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You've brought joy to the house and lots of laughter. I love your sweet moments where you demand your cuddles, and you receive them ten fold. I love how you taught your sister how to be a cat, and that it's ok to go crazy of her favorite toy. You're turning two soon, and it's really hard to believe! But you sure have grown since we first took you home. You just keep growing! I'm proud of you little boy. Keep being the sweet little boy you are, and I will always be a happy momma!

Much Love,

Your ever adoring momma


Dear Kravitz:

I went upstairs to get my laundry shortly after returning home from the comic shop's board game night, and Mom told me something cute about you. She said, "We don't hear a peep out of him while you're gone, and then he starts yowling, and you walk in the door."

So either you're psychic (Mommy-Radar, as my friend Wendy put it), or you can hear my car coming down the drive. Either way, I'm always happy to see you waiting for me at the door. Thank you.

Love and cuddles,
= Me.

These things happen

Dearest cats at the shelter

Not only did I have to go home early on friday due to being sicker than a dog (with apologies to the dogs there) but I also wasn't there today. I had that one final yard sale, got rid of a few more things, at least.


Oh yes, Velvet my sweet ladycat, I know, I know....I didn't feed you friday night. I had spent about an hour throwing up and having diarhea, and wasn't able to even get up. Even then, had to throw up more. So, as you can imagine (or maybe you just don't care) feeding you was the last thing on my mind. You aren't starving.
For all you others here, Missie, thank you for sleeping on my feet, kept them nicely warm. Spike, Tiger, enough of the Indie 500 at 3am. Mousie....did you HAVE to join in on the 3am racing? Angel, someday you will come out of the kitchen and join the others.

Love you all

Mar. 30th, 2016

Dear Lili,

Sometimes you are so hard to fathom. I know so little of your past and your mood is erratic with trust issues and dementia.

Still, I should have put two and two together before now with your recent odd behavior. I think maybe I should apologise and work out a way to make things a little more 'right' for you.

Little Snuggleboots has been gone for three weeks now. It was just his time, hamsters don't live for long.

I'm not exactly sure when you started scratching my cupboard door, each night, at around 10 pm but I've finally worked it out to be around the same time.

Okay, so I'm dull and assumed it was dementia related, but today I looked at Snuggleboots' empty cage which I stored in there and the penny dropped. You had a routine ever since you arrived two years ago, every evening when Snuggleboots woke and came to his cage door for attention and cuddles. You would all go to the kitchen and get a treat. Then you would nap and watch him have his free roam, or in his ball.

You spent most of every day in the same room as him in his cage and while I would never trust you with a human stranger, much less a rodent, you never once looked at him as prey or even seemed bad tempered or jealous with him nearby. You were always kept carefully apart though, except the once when he escaped and I had a heart attack because I found you asleep together on my bed, you curled around him like a mama cat with an odd little kitten. I snatched him up away from you so damn fast but he was absolutely unhurt and chill with you.

I have no idea if my guess is right that you miss the routine with him, or even maybe his presence and I am so very sorry if you have been grieving too or whatever the cat equivalent is.

I have no way to put things back to the way they were. There is a new (much smaller) hamster in the tank in our bedroom and he's not yet got a routine, but we will make one. For now we shall go to the kitchen at 10 each evening, just me, you and Tiesha, and you'll get your treat. If Tiny can wake up that early he can come with us.

You'll get used to the different smell and activity and hopefully be content to share our room with this little fella instead. Maybe then you can stop looking for Snuggleboots in the old cage in the cupboard.

You'll have to forgive me if I make sure Tiny's tank is absolutely secure and you never get within a paw's swipe of Tiny. Maybe you do have a sweet side for certain friends but you are a cat, furthermore you are a very grumpy old lady. We love you anyway.


As I relax on a sunday afternoon

To all those kitties adopted this past week, and there were a bunch, Star, Candi, Bafur, Tom, Simba, China (aka chatty cathy) Buttercup, Butter, Midnight, Sparrow and Cake....hope all of you are truly in your 'forever' homes. Especially you, darling Star. Brought back by a family because you, a kitten, were 'too active' Hopefully all of you are truly Home.

Those of you at PetSmart, Bombur, Lydia, Unagi, Javelin and Rachelle, hey, things are looking up. We have been getting a lot more adoptions lately. Hugs to all of my brightest and best, even you Unagi.

Bob, Mars, Mirage, you are my three injured toms. Mars, say 'bye bye' to your tail. It cannot be saved. Besides, despite the meds, its still infected. Hopefully the vet will get that done this coming week. Then, you and the other two can get well and adoptable. All three of you are pretty good cats, and shouldn't have a problem getting adopted. As long as you're not competing with bunches of kittens, which we don't have...yet.

Piper, with the way your jaw healed up, you do have a weird look. Well, I will concentrate on getting you over your sneezies and getting some meat on your elderly bones. Not holding out a huge amount of hope, unless we get someone who just wants an old cat around.

Kittygirl, yes, you are no longer in a cage you can hide in. Sorry baby, but you need to be seen to get adopted. deal.
Lupine, once you are fixed, you shouldn't have a problem with getting out of here. At least I got that icky mat out of your fur. You are very good with being brushed.
Bianca, you can quit with the growling, you're a sweet enough girl
Sunshine, Moon, ok, you two are in the lobby,but in the double cage with the two hidey holes. I'm hoping you'll get over the 'cower and shiver' soon.
Popcorn...darling girl, you are FAT. What did they do at PetSmart? Oh, that's right, they make sure you have full bowls at all times.
Randem, one day lovely boy, your new servant will come
Sky, another lovely calico, and you're a sweet one too.
Fili, Kili...really guys, I don't need more scratches and claw marks on my stomach, I know, you guys HATE the meds, but you need them.
Sirius, when you came in you were stinky, covered with urine, scared, upset and just unhappy. Now, you are a lovely grey tabby with a loving attitude. Get you fixed, and adoptable and you can wow people.
Ian, my sweet boy. Named after a vampire, and a Sabbat vampire at that. I KNOW it was you who got sweet Meline pregnant. Well...that won't happen again.
Shandi girl, I have got to get your eyes looking better. Be a sweet girl and let me put that goop in your eyes, ok?

For the kitties at home, Tiger, how dumb can a cat be? Spike, do you and Tiger HAVE to do the indie 500 at 2am? Mousie, you're fixed, you're not in heat, stop acting like it. Angel...must you stand on my shoulder and back while I'm trying to clean the cat box? Missie, one day soon, someone is going to film your slow avalanche off the chair, as you fall off, and land, usually on your head, still grooming. Even for a ragdoll....you are just, something. Velvet my sweet girl. Yes, you are the mean crotchety old heifer, but to me, you're still my lap cat.

More kitties coming in

Kili, Fili, Bob, Mack, Mirage, and all the others who've come in, welcome. All of you are intact tomcats. All of you will be neutered soon. Then, hopefully, adopted out. Well, those of you who are not on the 'injured' list.
Dice, I'm glad the rescue came and got you. You were just too sweet a boy to be put down. Buttercup, you're a sweet girl, a long haired calico too.
Sparrow, I do hope you are ok. Blood spatters, not a good thing after a spay, and the vet barely looked at you. Cake, Rachelle, Bianca, you three looked good. You'll all be ready for adoption soon.

Piper, you're just not responding to the meds at all. If anything, you seem to be getting worse. Well, I will continue to give you the meds. We'll see how things go after this weekend.

To the cats at home,
Tiger, you really are dumber than a box of rocks aren't you. Haven't you learned yet that Velvet is NOT the kitty to bother while she is eating. the poor girl has no teeth, so those cans of cat food are her food. Stay away from her when she is eating. Spike, how can you make so much noise? At least you've figured out to keep away from Velvet. Oh....tiger, pawing Missie's butt...also not good. She may not have claws, but she is bigger than you are.
Mousie, you've been downright cuddly, as has been Angel. Usually at the very wrong times. Normal, I suppose. Missie, you have that chair staked out as yours. Of course, whenever you are busily grooming, and start to turn over and fall onto the floor, we WILL laugh at you. Velvet, yes, dearest cat, I know, once I've gotten up in the morning, I must fold the comforter and put it at the end of the couch. Then you can curl up on it, and rest up for the heavy duty business of the day...napping. I still love my two old ladies.
Sorry about the toddler, and the older child who comes by once a week, can't do a thing about them, except try to watch said toddler to make sure she doesn't do anything horrid to either of you. (ok Missie, I'll allow her to hug you...as long as you don't seem to mind too much)

So much new stuff going on

Darling Fudd, you got adopted, despite being all shaved. I hope your new servant is good to you. I'll miss you. Star, why would someone bring back a sweet loving, not too active kitten? Piper, I hope you start to feel better. We've pretty much figured that you must have been hit by a car, and possibly dragged a bit. Just from the broken jaw, the scraped and nearly gone nails. You're still a pretty boy.
Buttercup, you could stand in for Grumpy cat. You're a lovely long haired calico but with an evil look. Bombur, Bafur, you two are looking so much better. Sparrow, Cake, you two should be ready to go soon. KittyGirl, Lydia, you two are much better. Rachelle, you also are looking better.
Random, Unagi, I hope you two get adopted soon. You are both beginning to get very cuddly. Dice, here is hoping the guy who takes cats with FiV comes to get you.
Moon, Sunshine, you two are together now. We are hoping you both will get a little friendlier. Ariel, you are a pretty girl, so are you Sirius. Welcome to my new kitties. I hope you both will be adopted soon.

To the crew at home,
Tiger, how dumb can a cat actually be? Spike, binging and purging is not good for people, let alone kitties. Mousie, I'm glad you're being more friendly. Angel, you are going to be sprayed with that flea stuff. Then get some vitamin E on your butt. MissieMae, you are being so sweet and patient with the toddler. You let her pet and hug you, with is so sweet of you. Velvet...my sweet old crotchety lady...we know your secret now. You could care less about who is sleeping where, you just like that nice soft comforter
we have on the couch. Hugs, well, at least pettings to all of you.

Why the worry face?

Dear Lili,

Why do you look so worried?

You drew a little blood - a silly scratch on my nose. It doesn't upset me.

Remember the day I came to get you from the rescue and they asked me if I was sure I wanted to take you home? Well, I put on those big leather gauntlets and picked you up to put you in my carrier, hissing and spitting, and I said, yes, of course. You were old, traumatised and we found out later, also confused with dememtia. You needed to be loved unconditionally and thats what we have to give.

You have come so far. Months until you stopped routinely lashing out, then the progress was fast, up the stairs, onto my bed, accompanying me on walks. Finally the wonderful, yet terrifying times when you creep up to me and cuddle up, purring on my chest, nose to nose with me.

Yes, sometimes you get spooked, or slip into sleep and wake confused, momentarily feral, and then my face suffers but your claws aren't what they used to be and you've barely any teeth left. You need to know that I wouldn't swap those cuddles for the world. That trust and love and softness is more than worth it. Whatever happened in your past, I will never be angry with you or deliberately hurt you.

Last week you stood under me in the dark and I tripped over you, remember? You forgave me in moments - well your little slips are kinda like that and I forgive you every time.

Love, Your Servant

P.S. Tiesha Black Cat says that while he is very forgiving and sort of hero worships you, he'd like you to stop lashing out at him whenever the kitten from down the road winds you up. In fact if you could give the little upstart a motherly slap on his behalf it would be appreciated.


Dear Cat...

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