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Dear Warner

Warner, Mirah will have to read this letter to you since you are getting older and we don't have those cute little nose specs for you to see through.

Since 2009 you have been on many adventures. You've tasted birds from three different parts of the country. You even ran the block here for almost two years. Now it is time to be inside for a while. The people that own our place have decided to remodel the exterior parts of the buildings. You might have noticed all the workmen walking around during your morning bird watch at the window. I just want you to know that I didn't take the porch lattice down to punish you. In a few weeks we should be able to nail it back up and you can enjoy the fresh breeze on your favorite patio shelf. I would open the windows for you, but you can't be trusted with the screen. Once mirah showed you how to claw through it we can't take the risk anymore. You should probably also tell her to calm down. She is trying to chew through the weather seals on the doors. I've tried to explain to her that it is only temporary but she won't stop. I also caught her doing push-ups on the one window I did crack open last week when it was really nice out. She might have made it out if you had not told me it was lunch time.

I know this is frustrating for you, but the chemicals out there are not good for kitties to breathe.


Miss Thumbs

Another update....some better news this time

We had adoptions...Bethany, Wendy, Kim, Fuego, and some others. Ash, you're still waiting on the lady to come get you. As is little Sundea. (her eyes are cleaning up too) so, to all the others...

Rose, Jasper, Jacinth, Dick, Baltic, Regal, you will be fixed and ready to go. Especially you little Baltic. An adorably cute siamese mix kitten? You won't be sitting in a cage much longer, baby cat.

For the other new ones, Lotus, you're cute, and fluffy. Izzie, I'm sorry but you are NOT a small cat. In fact, you're almost as big as our Charles was. You're one scared girl though, you were shaking so badly as I held you, I was scared. Sheba...what can I say, a long haired tortie bobtail...Even with a bad attitude, you won't be here long either. I have been getting in a LOT of bobtails.
Moon and Star, you are two more bobtails, not new, but ready to go, finally. Still a bit of sneezing, and Star, your eye looks so much better.
Shandi, I don't know about you poor baby. You are a LOT older than you look I guess, but you sure can tuck away the food. We'll see what the Vet says.
For all the others, right now, you guys are doing better. Puma, Serengeti, you two are tiny kittens. Maybe about old enough to be weaned, and I'm sure you're siblings. You two are scared, unhappy and wanting to escape. I might just put you two together, so you can be together. Might be better, might be worse, I don't know. At the very least, you would be able to cuddle up together. Serengeti, one other thing...hissing and spitting, in a two month old kitten is more cute than scary.

P.S. Kim, K'Tathi, I miss you two...but don't worry, Regal has taken over the 'head bump the chin hard enough to bruise' bit. Lotus is now our 'pretzel' kitten, but no one has taken over the 'nip the ears hard enough to make another piercing' bit.

Some things have been done

Firstly, a sad RIP to the seven 'L' kittens, whose Mama was found to be FELV and FIP positive. I know your foster mama wanted to keep you alive, and retest you. Sadly, the board, and the new veterinarian did not agree. Of course, after all the money spent on you guys and girls, well...I can see it both ways. Even if you were not my favorite kittens.

Toyota, you also were put down. Then again, you were FELV positive. While I know it is for the best (and poor baby should have been tested with she had that horrid case of ringworm) well, the lady who had you tested, then refused to have you put down....I know there will be a great disturbance in the force when she finds out. (and a tornado coming to our little humane society...I'll tell her to take it up with the Vet)

Chip, you were the one I cried over. FIV isn't as bad as the other, and we could have gotten you a home. You were a true lover boy of a cat, and just adorable with that white dot on the very tip of your tail. As with the others, you also had a lot of money spent on you, money that could have gone to getting the other cats done. While I hate to think of saving money, but losing a cat....well, we HAVE to think of that. Better to save the ninety that just need spay/neuter/rabies, and get them adopted, than to spend hundreds, if not thousands on a cat that will never get adopted.

A fond farewell to our Dusty. You, dear girl were taken to a rescue group. Be good, ok?

As to all others, we have meds now for the sneezing. You all are getting better, I can tell, Not so much sneezing, the purrs are clear, and most of you are eating. So, please continue to let me give you those icky meds. Sundea....please baby cat, try to eat.

Jan. 7th, 2016

Dear Maddie:

Were I prone to lying, I would say you're the only one I miss of all the folks who lived here previously. In truth, it's only that I miss you more than the other.

I miss your squeaky little meow and all the ridiculous nicknames it engendered (Squeaky, Squeakarina, Miss Squeakarina Squeaky of the Squeaking Squeakertons), I miss your lovely plush fur and very loud purr, and your prodigious flopping skills. (Seriously, I don't think you weighed more than seven pounds, so how in the world could you flop so hard against my shoulder every morning?)

I hope you're doing okay in your new apartment, that your person is keeping your litterbox clean and making sure you always have enough to eat, and that you're much happier and relaxed now that Kravitz isn't around to pick on you. (Not that you often missed a chance to pick on him as well, but whatever.)

= me.

There's a bit of catching up to do

Dear Diva,

I still miss you. Everyday in every way. But your passing has opened up a whole new world of crazy cat lady potential. I found Lola, who led me to the colony who took her in, which, in turn, introduced me to the world of TNR and being a colony caregiver. And now, very eerily as we did 14 years ago, I am doing the "want-to-come-in-but-not-sure-if-I-trust-you" dance with Jake. He's got deep, soulful eyes and I love him to pieces. If I ever move, I am taking him with me.

Dear Lola/Ankha,

I miss you, too. Thank you for walking by that evening and taking me right to the colony. I know Lena feeds them, but she's not so keen on the TNR. And as cute as they all are, the last thing we need is more babies. Anyways, thank you also for letting me take you in for those four weeks. It seemed like so much longer, yet it wasn't long enough. I am so sorry that the vet didn't find your chip the first time I took you, but I think the Universe knew I needed you around. And I am glad that your real mama is a genuinely good person who conveniently lives just a few buildings down. I know I haven't been over to see you since after Thanksgiving, but life happens. And since you are back to your forever home, a spot has opened up here at the apartment.

Dear community cats,

Galadriel, Arwen, Gimli, Saruman, and The Hobbits-I know, I know. I am new at this colony caregiver thing. Galadriel, you were already fixed and established-thank you for taking such good care of The Hobbits. And I have noticed that you are letting me get closer....Gimli and Saruman-you two seriously need to get into the traps so I can get you fixed. Seriously. I love you, but your spraying is noxious. And stop picking fights with Jake & Shorty! Arwen and Frodo-I am sorry-ish that you were the first to go into the traps; you were the victims of my beginners luck. Now will you get the others to do the same? Other three Hobbit kitties-forgive me, but you all look EXACTLY ALIKE. Frodo's ear tip is the only reason I can tell him apart from you. Again, please trust me enough to get into the traps so I can at least get you fixed. You have a home here. As far as I am concerned, between me and Lina and the other neighbors, you will always be taken care of.

Dear Jake and Shorty,

You are quite possibly the epitome of an opposites attract bonded pair, and I love you to pieces. Jake, I can tell you are torn when you look longingly into my apartment when I leave the door ajar. I can tell you are ready to have a forever home again after all these years, but I know you look after Shorty, who is much more timid. Shorty, I promise you, I am one of the good humans. I know you sense this, or you wouldn't come right to my door (when tagging along with Jake). Someday, you will trust me enough, too. This is my hope.

Dear Rogue and Gracie,

Thank you for putting up with me. I know it drives you crazy when I sequester you into your mama's room, but it's going to take some time for Jake and Shorty to acclimate, and having you in their line of sight doesn't help. I love you, and don't forget that.

Dear Fluffy Black Cat

It took me five years to get you tamed enough to let me pick you up, but it was worth it to be able to pick you up and blow raspberries on your tummy. It was quite the battle, since you were already six years old when you came to live with me eleven years ago. Since you are now almost old enough to vote, it's time for me to teach you a few things about being a mature adult.

  1. Curtains are our friends. You don't always need to pull them down and scream at them. I expected you would have gotten bored with this activity after a decade.

  2. You do not need to jump on the other cats' heads. Even though Minnie is five years younger than you, she's still kind of an old cat and finds this annoying.

  3. Please do not zap the human on the nose after rolling around to gather static at 3 am. The human lives with no other humans and you'll scare the crap out of her.

  4. If you ignore #3, please refrain from saying "Beep" when you beep/zap the human on the nose.

  5. The window for foot rubs is when the human is awake. Do not wake the human up to demand a foot massage.

  6. If you can't stop yourself, don't shoot a spark of static electricity from your paw to the human's nose while saying "Beep" to convey your desire for a foot massage.

  7. And please stop howling when your catnip squirrel is empty.

  8. Tossing a wet catnip squirrel in my face is also not appreciated. Please drop it at my feet.


The person who feeds you

Still so many of you....so

As the year draws to a close

Cooter, (who I refuse to call Cootie...who NAMES a cat that?) you, big boy are looking better. Think I'll put you out in adoptable. At least you're not missing half your fur anymore.
Bethany...that wound on your side is dry, the fur is coming back. If you would ONLY stop trying to get out.
Rose, still so tiny, you're cute though. Just not as cute as some others.
K'Tathi, my special baby, and, in fact, THE special baby. Last kitten born in shelter (so far for this year)
Random, you're doing better. I actually got a purr.
Regal, you've been sorta cuddling.
Fall, you actually came up TO me. Wow.
In adoptable
My 'L' kittens...well....still no word on what we are going to do with all of you.
Kuari, be good at Petsmart....or else
Dusty....I just don't know. You're not getting better, I could put you back in ISO, but that would NOT solve your problem....or get you adopted. Still, bite me one more time and I'll show you how evil I can be.
Magic, be good at Petsmart. A big lively maine coon mix like you should go fast.
Star, Moon, same as Magic, but you two are short haired bobtails. Too cute.
Toyota....you are not long for this world. Despite what kayleen says. Felv positive does NOT mean adoptable. (and yeah, should have you in the back)
Chip, just as sweet as always.
Chill, you're doing a bit better, sweetness. Keep eating, ok?
Fuego, I'm gonna have the vet check you over. Something is WRONG.
Unagi, better every day. Keep being sweet.
Hera, I kept my promise, no more kittens.
Jaguar, you'll be back at petsmart, or adopted soon.
Pumpkin, another one to be good at Petsmart.

And, finally...my ISO
Willow, eat, baby, get more weight so we can get you fixed.
Sundea...uh...ok, you're a chunky, but cute
Ash, oh, yes, you're a lovely long haired kitty.
Kim, stop sneezing. Especially stop sneezing on me when I'm dancing around the room with you. Ick
Shandi, chill out, I'm feeding you, ok?
Wendy, oh great, another 'too cute for words'
Cloudy, another grey tabby?
Gorgeous, what can I say, I want to put you,(white long haired) K'thathi (black long haired) and Wendy (grey long haired) together All about the same size and age. Too much cute....

Velvet, Missie, I'll not forget you two. You are both getting older. You're actually sleeping in the same chair (now and then) and almost being friendly to each other. (after only three years) I love you two, and even though I enthuse over some of the cats in shelter, you two are my 'at home' babies.
And I got it!

A little tortie turned up hanging out in the tree in our front yard. She was there one day then gone the next. She turned up yesterday and let us check her out. Small, skinny and thirsty, we brought her in and stashed her in a bathroom. Today she got a clean bill of health and introduced to the four resident kitties.

I spoke too soon

Ok, lets start out front
Another rabbit, oh joy. Coal, welcome, I hope you get adopted soon.
Back to ACO....Kuari, shut up, Fall, happy you're being nicer. Random, I've been able to pick you up. Great, I'll take off the feral tag. Regal, stop trying to escape. Beth is teaching you bad manners. Rose, K'Tathi, as soon as you two are a bit bigger, we can get you done. At least I hope we can. Cooter, Beth....I just don't know. Cooter, you still look pretty bad, but better. Beth...that big wound in your side is healing, thank goodness.

In adoption, you six 'L' kittens, the board has decided we can adopt you out, with a notice to the effect that you should all be tested for felv. Your mama was found positive, you all tested negative. Hope all of you are ok. Knight...are you EVER going to be over the diarhea? Dusty, at least you are being a little nicer. Kim, someone wants you, just continue to be your sweet self. Holly, come on, stop hissing at me. (calico's...) Toyota, I just don't know. First you have MASSIVE ringworm, then turn up felv positive, and our cat volunteer would NOT let the vet put you down. Well, she had better do SOMETHING about you. I could use the cage you're in. Chip, Unagi, as our 'featured' cats, I hope someone wants you two. For all my kittens, and Hera, we're getting there. Slowly, all of you are getting fixed and ready to go. (and many hugs to my sweet Hera)

Back in ISO, where it was once empty. Star, Moon...uh....what IS it with all the sudden amount of bobtails? Not only you two, Holly only has half a tail, K'Tathi is a manx (and mama is definately NOT) then Shandi as well. Oh well...some people do like tailless cats.

Magic, you, my poor boy were dumped on the front porch during a cold rainy night. The other cat escaped (and as a declawed cat, that is worrying) but you've been a sweet boy. You even answer to the name Magic, which means your former owners were idiots for saddling you with a name like Terry. Sierra, yes, you ARE a boy. Not only did I FEEL those little dingles back there, but saw them. You are probably a neutered boy, but a boy. (as I will explain to our cat volunteer) Maine Coon mix too. You and Magic are two very big boys.
Jaguar, you seem so much better. Once I have a cage open, you're back in adoption.

Yes, guys and girls, I've been pushing a pill down your throats. It is a dewormer, the last of what we have. I'm hoping, against all hope that we will be able to get more, so I can make sure all the new ones also get dewormed. Just...deal with it, ok?

Another week gone by

So...starting in ACO, since ISO is now (I hope) empty
Actually, in the front room...do we REALLY need another rabbit? Well, Coal, at least you are friendly, but people who live trap rabbits (because it's WINTER) need to get kicked, hard.

Fall, Random and Regal, I hope you three aren't pregnant. I know Chill is a boy, and Fall and he were together for a while....Regal, I felt your tummy, hopefully, that isn't more kittens. Random, if you would let me pick you up and check you....
Hera/Rose/Kim/K'tathi, you four are about ready to go out. Ok, the babies are still small, but I'm sure Hera, you wouldn't mind getting away. Kim, you and K'tathi will be together as long as you don't seem to mind her being there.
Willow, Sundae and Gorgeous, well, two of you can go out. Little Gorgeous, you will just have to be kept back. As adorable as you are, people are going to be lining up for you...and there is only one.

'L' kittens, still waiting on the board. Dusty, you're being a little nicer since I've been leaving your cage door open. Sophie, now that Moss is gone, you seem better too. Icey, I just don't know. Again, waiting. Toyota, Simon, Sister, once we can get you three fixed...AS for Fuego, Chip, Unagi, Heaven....there is someone out there.

Things are a little better. I've got food and cat litter. Then again, I don't know of we will even be open come January. Work with me, cats....lets see if we can't get all of you a home.


Dear Cat...

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