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Aug. 18th, 2014

Dear Kittens,

Aura and Sassafras now have a nice home with a human minion and lots of yummy gushy food. You too could have good homes if you'd kindly let me catch you in the trap. It won't harm you. Sadly, I do not have homes picked out for you. I'll have to take you to the Animal Rescue League where they'll try to find you homes, if you don't act too wild. So please, don't act too wild once I catch you.

The scary human who fills the food and water bowls in the yard

PS -
Dear Note-to-catters - If any of you know anyone within a few hours of southeastern Pennsylvania who might give a good home to an adorable kitten, let me know. There are two black kittens and a tabby.

Someday, I'll laugh at all this....

Well, let me see....I'll start with, all those who got adopted. Princess, Toni, the kittens, all of you, be good and I'm SO glad you are out of here.
So, to those still here at the little humane society.
Taver....what happened to that tiny little kitten? Goodness boy, you've grown. Of course, Amos is even bigger. Puma, you need to eat more. Get big and strong, just like that big old tomcat down there. Speaking of which, Halftail....if you weren't so darn loving, I would worry. Don't worry big boy, even with the scars of hundreds of fights, you'll get adopted. We'll keep you out as Lobby Cat. Just don't scare poor Christy like that again. Sleep where she can see you.
Peppy, don't be such a wuss. Rain, stop that, you too Callie. You kittens are fairly ok. You'll notice, however who they DID take to Petsmart? The QUIET ones. Think about it.
For those of you in the kitten room...enjoy. Some of you are getting a bit big. Means I'll be switching out kittens again. Such fun. Of course, means I need you guys and girls to get over the weepy eye stuff and get your butts adopted.
Finally, to Isolation. Wendy, what is wrong lovely girl? You were SUCH a sweet cat, now you act like I'm the enemy. Even Marsha was acting a bit nicer. Well, she DID hiss and spit at me, but....poor girl is feeling under the weather it looks like. The Vet said she would try and give her a shot.
So many of you kittens are gaining so much weight, it is wonderful. Sonja, Scraps, you two will be coming out front. So nice, neither of you are black. (too many black ones...can't keep them straight) Sparkle, you and Meeko are finally getting there too. Even little Dream is. Selenay...Your Most Royal Highness....after a week, you'll be tested, then hopefully spayed and out front. Such a lovely sweet calico girl.
In fact, I'll even be nice and not name the next boy cat Karenthallis. Daran maybe..... 'B' kittens....babies, what is going on? Only two of you gained ANY weight at all. I hope that lady can foster you. You need more care than I can give you.

So...Velvet, you're eating again. Great. Want to go to work with me and explain the concept to Nikkogirl? how you sleep...on the arm of hubby's chair, all four legs hanging down. Cute.

Aug. 2nd, 2014

Dearest Sir Faithful,

Mommy is very proud of you. You did very well at the kind doctor's office this morning. I know it wasn't fun but they definitely loved you. I know you didn't like the ear cleaning but I'm sure your ears will feel much better now that they are clean! You are growing so fast my baby boy. You were tiny when we got you and now three weeks later you've sprouted quite a bit since! I love you little boy. Thanks for all the cuddles you've been giving me.

Dearest Daenerys,

I am so very proud of you little girl! You are starting to slowly coming out of your shell. You are doing really well. I'd be happy if you could stop your hissing at your little brother. But I am proud of how you are now willing to eat with Faithful in front of you. You are my little girl and I will always love you.

Much Love,
Your ever adoring momma

At our wee little humane society, we do try to get people to foster out kittens to help out. So....Simone, my sweet loving girl, you and your eight get to go to a home. I'll probably see you in a few weeks, then a couple weeks after that when our Vet gets you and your babies fixed. I already miss my sweet girl, no one nuzzles like you do.
Altra, Annie, Fallon, Felix, Amos, Andy, Abbot, Costello, Fletch, Monico and Juliette, be happy in the kitten room. Oh, and stop fighting. There is more than enough room and toys for all of you. Along with more than enough food and water.
Lynal, my poor bobcat in tabby clothing. People are so stupid sometimes. Maybe that lady did luck out in finding two grown males that like each other. I guess you and Grainger were NOT another 'good pair' Don't worry sweetness. For now, since Toni FINALLY got adopted, by a good family, you are now lobby cat. Not that I have much choice. You are the friendliest of the bunch, easiest to deal with. After you're gone, I won't have a lobby cat. Unless one of those new ones is ok about it.

Sparkle, I'm glad you're finally eating. You are just too tiny a kitten to not eat. Perhaps I shouldn't have named you after the cosmic troublemaker in charge of sexual chaos. Believe me, baby don't need to watch your weight.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha....look cat, I know you've got babies. They are adorable, and from the one time I was able to look them over, they are going to be lovely cats. I'm just glad you're in one of the new cages. I can get your litter box cleaned, even though I can't clean the rest of the cage. At least not without deathly injury to myself. Listen up girl, I feed you, be nice.

Speaking of being nice...Sylvester what is your problem there, grumpy one? You want pets and cuddles while IN your cage, if I pick you up, or you see kittens, you start snarling. You also play way too rough, and I'm hoping that guy will decide to try and 'retrain' you. You are such a lovely tuxedo cat....I do NOT want our Vet to decide to put you down.

For now, guys and girls, there are, at least a couple of empty cages. I know we'll be full again, but at least now I can spend a bit more time on the cuddling, and less on the cleaning.

Dear Kravitz:

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.... That was my clean laundry. Thanks, dude. (sigh) Well, at least your hair is easier to get rid of than Maddie's.

= me.

Stranger Danger!

Dear Cat Who Walks Across My Yard Every Night,

Quit yeowling at my three boys! They're eunuchs and they don't know what to do with you. Meowing up the wrong tree here! :P

Human Who Is Trying to Save You Some Time (And Her Eardrums/Sanity/Sleep Time)

Returns....of many kinds

Dorito, Beautiful, Kalhia and four are back from Petsmart now. Along with Vashti, and I do want to get the lowdown on you, Vashti. What, pray tell, did you do to cause them to not even keep you there? Oh well...I took the cards they wrote out about you four, wrote something else for my six toed Beautiful, so maybe people will read those and decide to 'take a chance' on one of you.'ll be next to go. How is it, all my male cats are sweet and loveable, while the females tend to get a bit....difficult?
My poor sweet Toni. I don't know what it is, sweet girl, but first you get adopted by a family who knows you don't like dogs, while they have several, then bring you back because you hissed at one of their dogs, then you get adopted because the dad likes you, but the little girl is afraid of you. They bring you back after not even an HOUR because (shock and horror) you HID UNDER THE BED. Heck...I didn't even really SEE my Velvet for two weeks after I brought her home.
To all my many kittens, adoptions are heating up. Which is a good thing, cause I just got in one pregnant cat (VERY pregnant....I'm expecting her to have those babies in a couple of days, or less) one mama with four newborns (mama isn't quite feral, but she does have that wild eyed look, she's in a cage where I can shut off part of it, to clean, then feed her) Lets see, we have two other mama cats, both with three kittens, we have another feral kitten and big tabby cat who is very sweet and loving, after its been fed. Don't try to pet it before feeding.
Trix, you are now my 'problem' child. Once your fur is fully back, I'm expecting people to fall over themselves for you. Sadly, a partially shaven long haired orange tabby just looks kinda funny. At least you are getting a lot nicer. You are still not going to be lobby cat quite yet. That is Toni...for now. At least she doesn't attack poor Stubby. I guess she doesn't feel the need to, she is bigger than he is.

Velvet, stop trying to eat Missie's dry food. You have no teeth. Missie, when it was cold, you ignored us, and we could barely pet you. Now...that it is getting hot again, you feel the need to cuddle up. sighs....calicos.

And, a quick update on the pregnant cat. Sweet Simone had EIGHT kittens. Six dark brown tabbies, two grey. She allowed me to move them to a clean bed, and has been wanting hugs and cuddles.

All the kitties

Dearest Nightwish, Nightfury, Lily, and Yoshi,

Ladies, I love you, you love me because I provide noms, warm places to sleep and pettings, even though none of you are mine. I even clean out your litterboxes every day, which is more than your actual mum does. I'm going to miss you all when your mother moves out.

But please, do me a favour - POO HOCKEY IS NOT FUNNY!

Much lovings,

The hooman you sleep on, despite her allergies.

Saying goodbye far too soon....

For my beloved Autumn,

So, after seven years of you ruling over the house with an iron paw with your sass and Tortietude, our time together is going to come to a premature end. When I took you into the vet on Thursday because your abdomen was hard, swollen, and distended I was of course concerned. I thought (hoped) that it would be a simple, easy fix.

More fool I. The kindly vet grimaced as she palpated you, seeming worried. She took some of the fluid from your belly and she ended up diagnosing you with FIP. Which means there's nothing that can be done. No cure, no treatment.

After my mother and I broke down in tears, we took you home. You're still in good spirits, still your sassy self, full of piss and vinegar. You still climb into mom's lap. You still demand your can in the mornings and you're still eating.

You still look so good. But I know that it's only a matter of time, and you're not much longer for this earth. When you start to refuse food and water, that is when I'll take you in for that final vet visit and help you cross the rainbow bridge with the peace and dignity a queen like you deserves.

I'm so, so sorry Autumn. I'm going to miss you, and I'll try and make the most of the little time I still have left with you. You're far too young to go like this.

Love, your heartbroken mama

Jul. 18th, 2014

Dear kittens,

I came out my door yesterday morning and saw two little tabbies run off into the bushes. Later in the day I saw a bold black kitten sitting on the step leading to the back gate. Today I realized that there were a total of four of you. I've put out bowls of food and water. This is not because I'm inviting you to make my yard your home. This is because I want to become your friend so that I can take you away to find a safer home where you'll be loved and cared for. You're all adorable and I'm sure someone would love you given the chance to do so. The city streets are not a safe place for kitties.


The scary human with the cat food


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