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Oh what a difference

Dearest kitties of the shelter,
Yep, the director quit. (we can now sing a bit of the happy song) Of course, he did pull the vet as well, but....since we never liked nor trusted that vet...(a cat who's been spayed for several years does NOT get pregnant....) Oh well. Of course, that is still a problem, since there are 30+ of you that need testing/spay/neuter/other. We also need a mass deworming and flea treatement for all of you. Well, if we can get the dewormer and flea stuff, that is easy enough.

On the happyhappy side. CHARLES GOT ADOPTED AND HASN'T COME BACK. Yep...Charles, the big guy who was in that bottom cage won't (I pray) be coming back. We got a couple more adopted out, even that blasted rabbit got adopted. Things aren't as bad as they seems. I'm even supposed to get more cat litter. (my kids donated three bags, which could last me for a few days...even though I had to change out 95 percent of all the litter boxes...been basically using the same litter in those boxes for about a week) A couple of the board members will be bringing some in, and hopefully, the public will decide to help out as well.

On the sad side...Muff, Elm and Sycamore all passed on. Just too little, too many things we couldn't do anything about. RIP little ones. May you come back to a better (jellicle) life. Little Rose, you are really doing better. Kim, your eye is cleared up, you and K'Tathi are doing very well indeed. Fall, Chill you two are now in my ACO, since I'm dedicating the next few weeks to emptying ISO. As it is, I've two cats there with ringworm. One who the vet said had ringworm (he's old, some hair loss, I don't see any lesions) A couple more who, as soon as I've room, you will be outa there.

As for you seven kittens...yes, Mama was felv+. You guys all tested negative. It will be the board decision on what we can do with you. Myself...well, I would see about adopting all of you out, with a caution. Chip...you also need to be adopted with a caution. You are FIV positive, so...you need to be an only pet. Icey...your owner wants you back. When will he get out of jail? Who knows. I guess it is a wait and see on our part.

So guys and gals...it is basically a 'wait and see' time. On the bright side, we WILL be getting paid. On the dark side...no vet, no director and our staff is...well, there are six of us. No days off or vacation for the exhausted cat lady. I'll do my very best for you, all of you. Just....try to NOT make huge messes...ok? (and fuego...I'm looking at YOU)
Hera, two of your adopted babies are bigger now. Do me a HUGE favor, and let little Muff nurse. Little Rose is doing so well, and you are just the most wondrously wonderful girl for adopting those four. Believe me, sweetness, once those last two are a little bigger, it will be off to the Vet for you, and no more babies.
Ferals...sad to say, (in a way at least) but our director has FINALLY realized what I've been trying to explain to him all this time. You cannot 'tame' a feral who has been shoved into a cage. (ok, maybe you can, but we're full, I don't have the time) You six will be humanely euthanized, since we have no other option. Spare cat won't come get you, so...the options are euthanize or keep you in those cages. Shelby, you and Vista have been here since August.
To my 'L' kittens....I'm sorry to say that your Mama was found to be felv pos. How they figured all seven of you are negative, I don't know. Unless you just didn't pick it up from Mama. Hard to say, but all seven of you are going to a rescue which takes care of felv positives. Hugs to all of you, and I sure hope they can figure out who is who. Not only do you ALL look like Mama, but...yeah, I can't tell which of you is which.

Icey, I'm sorry, more sorry than I can say that it seems your owner is just not coming to get you. I don't know if he's still in jail, or what, but his deadline is past. Don't worry though, as gorgeous as you are, and as nice, you'll have a furever home soon. In the meantime, love the little nose licks you give me.

To all those in Isolation, things are getting better, sorta. Cleo, you WOULD have to break out again, wouldn't you. Just as your nose is better, now you've got patches on your back...silly siamese. Fuego...sweet girl, I hope you're not pregnant. If you would let me examine you, I'd know. As it is, just brief touches on your belly and you freak.

Charles, Dusty, there ARE people out there for both of you. I know this. Dusty, you've almost been adopted twice now. Hopefully that gentleman will come back and get you. Charles, just keep being yourself. We'll find you a good home...all sixteen pounds of you.

Finally...Sam, you're NOT our cat, the ladies don't like you. I know, it is getting cold outside, but you HAVE a home.
Velvet, stop eating Missie's food. Missie....if you got your fat little butt up and ATE, Velvet wouldn't be eating all your food. If she does, deal with it. Oh, and Velvet, you are no longer allowed any kind of dairy product at all. Considering even the smell of milk seems to make you throw up. Yes, I know, it's all so good. Still....

Finally, to all of you (and yes, even the rabbit) hey, things might get a little better. At least I got two bags of cat litter this time.

Notes to shelterkittehs

Joon: Thank you for being less of a butthead to everyone today.

Xena: Stop yelling. I put you in your cage because you attacked Garrison, who's the biggest, fattest, sweetest lovemonster imaginable. You earned your timeout, miss, especially since you sliced one of his ears and I found one of your claw sheaths entangled in the fur on his head. We don't know why you hate him so much, but until you or he finds your forever home, you're just gonna have to deal. Whining won't convince us to let you and Garrison out at the same time.

Gizmo: Same for you and Parker. Actually, you and damn near everyone. You're perfectly fine and affectionate with us monkeys; why do you hate other cats so much?

Calista: Swatting at every visitor, volunteer, and staffer is not helping you find your home. Chill the hell out, miss.

Boots, Garrison, Titan, and Parker: Chins up, big guys. Thank you for being patient and enduring the more aggro kittehs with quiet dignity and grace. I would so love to adopt all of you, but I'm pretty sure the landlord wouldn't go for that.

Well overdue.

Dear Kravitz:

Wow, been a while since I wrote to you, huh? I'm sorry about that. It seems I finally have something to say, though.

It looks as though the majority of the family drama is over. We have our living space back, and it doesn't smell like the Bog of Eternal Stench anymore. You're acting much more cuddly now that Maddie isn't here, too. You're probably a lot happier because the two of you aren't picking on each other, and now you're the King and Benevolent Tyrant of the Downstairs Domain once again. (I still outrank you as Empress, however.)

Thanks for staying through three years of Hell with me, bubs. Without you, I would have just driven off one day and not come back. Dunno where the hell I would've gone, but eh.

But there's still a bumpy road ahead, so I still need you. Let's stick together through it, okay? I'll drive carefully, you'll be my fuzzy copilot in the shotgun seat, and we'll hit a smooth patch of asphalt at some point. Then I'll hit cruise control, and we'll sight-see together for as long as possible.

I love you. Thanks for everything.

= Me.

It's cuddle time

Dearest Charles, so far, your 'report card' is good. You like to sit on laps (and do the 'biscuit making things) You are still a 'Mr Underfoot' when I'm trying to do stuff, and you purr so loudly, I can hear you in the hallway. Get over your timidity over strangers, and your seeming problem with children (and the whole 'petmeNOW' thing while I'm trying to type, and you'd be perfect.

Velvet, Missie, you two are getting along, slightly better, except, I know it is fall when Velvet has to sleep in my lap, starts eating (and you two start fighting over the food in your bowls)

Kim, little K'Tathi is getting bigger by the day. So fat and cute. I guess you're a better mommy when no one is around. (loves being petted and cuddled, so ignored baby when people are about)
Baby kittens, welcome, since you three are about a pound, we'll be hoping to find a foster for you. Rumbles, once you quit being evil when I put you back into the cage, we'll see about getting you fixed up. As it is, you need a Vet to look at you.

For the seven ringworm ones, you're all getting better. I'm seeing hair growth on most of you. A couple more weeks should see most of you out of there. Deal with the lyme dip guys and girls, it's for your own good. (and I'm evil)

Lyric Are You Okay?

Dear Lyric,

Like the subject line says, I want to know if you're okay. You've been spending hours and hours in the laundry basket. I know things have been hard. Mom and I have been upset since dad passed away just under three weeks ago. I assume you're upset that he's gone too. I know you loved him. I just hope that if I give you some more time you'll come out and spend time with us. I know you're eating and using the litter box, so I'm not terribly worried, but I still feel bad because I know you're not happy. Lyric, mom and I love you. If you let us we'll give you plenty of love, cuddles, and scritches. If you want to just stay in the laundry basket, that's okay too. We're here for you whenever you're ready to come out.

So, so much love,


Dear Kim, such a surprise I had. I opened up your cage, and a baby kitten fell out. Sighs, you are NOT the world's best mommy are you. Well, baby cat is fine, as far as I can see, you certainly don't mind me (or from what I can see) anyone holding it. Still....Kim, you are a medium hair grey tabby, your baby is short hair, black bobtail. Well, if you only have the one, getting you two fostered out shouldn't be too much of a problem.

We have been getting more adoptions. Not surprising, this is the time of year for it. (as current director doesn't know, maybe we should have told him)

Those of you who are big enough, now for the Vet to spay/neuter, we're getting there. Yes, I know, many of you are actually five pounds or over, you're nearly cats. Well, director won't allow us to get more than xx amount done per week, money issues, as usual.

Things HAVE to get better, don't they?

Sep. 29th, 2015

Dear Charles, you are doing quite well here. All relaxed on your scratchers (big cat, he needs two of them) purring so loudly, I can hear you across the room...and over my typing.

For my other cats, Bindi, Greece, you two should be ready for adoption now. Clara and Jasmine, you two are off to Petsmart to try your luck. Esmeralda, don't worry pretty girl, someone wants you. Dusty, as soon as I have the cage I want for you empty, you'll be back out in the adoption area. Cootie...I'm calling you Cooter, you still look like ten miles of bad road. Is there ANY part of your body that wasn't injured? Kittens, we're getting there, slowly. Only six of you in the ringworm room now.

Kim, you're starting to nest and that scares me. Maybe you'll settle down once you're a mommy. Sure hope so.

Otherwise, let us hope (and pray to Bast) that we do get the cat food in, as the assistant director said we would. Honestly, first I run out of cat litter, then cat food. About the only thing we're not running out of is animals and cleaning supplies.

Yes Velvet, I know, there is a (OMG THE HORROR OF IT ALL)MALE CAT IN YOUR OFFICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charles is chilling out, destressing and getting out of that horrid cage. You were only in the shelter a couple of weeks, he's been there since March. Missie, you just don't care, do you. Charles comes trotting out, and you're like...uh huh...other cat, don't eat my food. Ladies....Charles won't be here forever. (unless hubby doesn't let me take him back....then all bets are off)

Yes, I smell funny

Little Foof,

I scooped the box and changed the litter. Then I lit an incense stick in the bathroom. Then I scrubbed the toilet bowl with a bleach-based cleaner. Then I washed my hands with good old Dial soap. Then I cleaned the rest of the toilet with pure white vinegar (hence the washing after bleach). Then I washed my hands again. And your reaction when you sniffed my hands was... uh, amusing. Sorry for laughing at your "WHAT. THE FUCK." expression.

Also, thank you for not immediately using the litterbox and restinking the bathroom. I appreciate it, especially since Charlie and Angus tend to do exactly that.


Well, let us see where we are at

To my ringworm kittens, Maggie, Fawn, Four, Oakie, Carol, Toyota, Ducky and whoever else...(I know there are eight of you) it's getting better, guys and girls. Three of you are out of there. Of course, Ducky YOU had to have it...sighs.

Sushi, you are now out in the main adoption room. I do have a sign on your cage stating you are one nervous kitty. For all you others, hang in there, some of you are getting adopted, and a few are even getting fixed. Now...if only the Vet would actually come out and LOOK at you sick ones. I can't put the sneezers into Isolation, not with ringworm in there.

Vista, Inagi, I'm beginning to think I might, with luck make you two into pets. (ok, so I WAS wrong about Vista...well, so was the Vet) Shelby, forget it. Most we can do for you is porch or barn cat. I'm wishing the Vet luck with you. She will have to come out, catch you, put you under, spay you and then get you out to whoever wants you BEFORE you wake up.

Kim, you are getting big...how many kittens DO you have in there? MonaLisa, please girl, eat something? I' worried about you and Bitty. You both need to eat. Well, maybe that lady will bring in the baby food. That should tempt you, if nothing else does.

Fosters, and those at Petsmart, things are getting a little better.

Missie, Velvet, yes, I know, we have a stinky boy. Charles is sweet though, and would probably not even bother either of you...except for eating your foods. Which is why he is staying in my office for the time he is on foster. OH, will I have some stories to tell people about him...since he is currently sleeping on his back, with his paws in the air. A very sweet boy indeed, for a 16 pound orange ex tomcat.


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