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This is NOT good

To all my darling kitties, and yes, the bunnies and ratties,
Darling babies, we may be on the short slide to nowhere here. MORE upsetting news from the 'veterinarian' the board decided to contract with. Now, instead of the three pounds for spay/neuter/rabies, (then changed to FOUR pounds) NOW you have to be five months old before they'll even TOUCH you. While they are saying they are backlogged with 'regular' clients, and down a vet...still...they act like they don't even want to TOUCH any of you. Let alone the dogs. I'm warehousing now...this isn't a humane society, it's a hoarder situation. (except much cleaner)
Frankly, it's getting to the point where more of our kennel guys are leaving. I don't blame them, we don't know if the shelter is even going to BE here in a month. Seems the board is doing their damndest to shut us down. (and doing a hell of a job...what took our director four hard years to build up, they have torn down in a month...way to fucking go assholes)
So...while I am hoping and praying that all the problems will get solved (and if I'm hoping the board will solve them, I might as well open all those cages, and windows, and let all those cats go today)(I'll bring the rats home with me...and find someone for the mama bunny and babies) If not....'unadoptables like, well, Charles, Cloe, Dusty, Depp, Minitab, Regan, MonaLisa and so many others will be put to sleep. You kittens, MIGHT be able to be sent to 'other humane society' but we don't know.
So...darling kitties....I guess I'll have to overcome my fatique and try to give each and every one of you, that will accept it, as much love as I can...until that horrid day when we are told, we're closed. Hopefully, that won't happen...but if it does...all of you will be in my thoughts and prayers....and may I see all of you at the stone bridge when I too pass from this life. I hope, and pray you all will know I am doing my best for all of you...

Exploring new directions here

Dearest kitties at little humane society
I'm sorry, but I'm exploring new dimensions in exhaustion here, and so my normal(ish) placidity is pretty much gone, replaced by a general feeling of 'just get through the day...somehow' I'm doing what I can, and if you cooperate, things do get better.
That being said...Alice, if you don't shut up....you are already on my last remaining nerve, between you, a couple of the new cats who won't stop howling...and the general level of noise and idiocy...just remember, Athena may have brought you INTO the world...I CAN take you out. (I won't, but still....) Well, we've had howlers adopted before...at least you DO shut up when being held.
Astra, Hoop, Regan...honestly you three, chill. Astra, the ACO said you were so sweet to her...maybe I'll give you BACK to her. You're such a pretty calico...but you almost got me once with that jackhammer slam of a paw...I'm not giving you much of a second chance. Oh...Houdini...yeah, I got my eye on you, you little fart. You may have escaped once, I'm going to try and make sure you don't do that again. (chasing half feral kittens around a room with cages, not fun)
To my kitties at Petsmart....chins and whiskers up over there. Here is YOUR big chance. Show off those personalities (the GOOD ones...Sammie) and get adopted. Get your furever homes, and I will continue to ask Bastet to bless and watch over each and every one of you.
Josie...sweet girl, Winter, August (yes, I know...you're actually Sir August D'Winter) and all the other new ones, it's ok babies. (even though most of you are big cats) I'll be taking as good a care of you as I can. Josie, pretty girl, WHY hasn't someone come and gotten you? You're very well cared for, with a very pretty (and shiny) collar. I keep hoping each day that when I come in, I'll see a 'return to owner' on you.
OH yes, can't forget, Candi girl...I'm glad you're back. Not glad that you decided to attack your kittens, because they aren't really eight weeks old yet. You ARE drying up though, and your sweetness is still there. Once you're fixed, you'll go fast, just due to your being such a sweet girl. Hugs to you Candi, many hugs, if I didn't have my two ladies...you'd already have a home.
Bunny, ok, so you're a rabbit, still...can your babies get ANY cuter? As it is, the guys all have to spend a LOT of time standing around admiring the babies. After just a bit over a week, they are getting so big..and active. Maybe I will name them all, little Skunk (black with white stripe on face) then Bambi, who looks like Mama, Spot black with white nose, then we've got the silvery black and another black.
Faith, Hope and Charity...three sweet ratties. Well, SOMEONE wants you....Love you all, and will be giving you pets and kisses later (a habit which made one of the managers at night job give me the weirdest look...she's never had rats as pets)

Finally...MissieMae....when hubby wishes to go to bed, that is NOT the time to plop down on his feet and begin your nighttime three hour grooming of self. Velvet, glad to see you're eating again. No, you don't need more than your daily amount of food, ok, sure, gum Missies food. (which looks so silly...nothing funnier than a toothless cat gumming dry foods) Just stay out of my coffee, ok?

It's been a hot one...and getting hotter

Dearest kitties (and mama bunny, babies....and ratties if you've come back)
It's hot outside. Very hot. Like....I'm melting away hot. (six am, I'm sitting at the computer sweating like crazy) Now...you'll all be taken care of, honest. Just...it might take me a bit to get things done. I'm working two jobs, and the other one is keeping me up a lot later at night than I like. I'm going to see if I can't, maybe keep my hours there down a bit...but let me get the bills caught up first, ok?
Landon, you were returned to your owner, which is great. I'm kinda hoping the cat who is in your cage, will also be returned. She does have a flea collar AND collar, so I'm hoping someone is looking for her. As to you feral cat/kittens. Don't know WHAT I'm gonna do with you. Maybe I can tame down you kittens, Astra....I just don't know.
Yes, Jasmin, you got separated from your brothers. The three of you are nearly five months old. You've not been fixed. I'm NOT gonna have THAT kind of thing going on. I swear, if that Vet doesn't get some of you fixed, I won't have a single adoptable kitten in the shelter. I know she has a clinic of her own, and is busy, but still....

Missy, I know, baby, it's hot outside. Hot inside too, unless we kick on the AC. You and Velvet are both old, I've been battling those damned fleas with everything I can find. Its getting better, you two aren't as bad as you were....I hope. Velvet, at least you are looking more lively. You're not hiding away, you're out and about (and getting noisy again too) Missy...you've decided that the spot in front of the AC is YOUR spot. Do us a favor, let SOME of the cooler air get past you, ok?
Now, I know, Mama is gone a lot more. I've two jobs, and along with working seven days a week at the shelter, they seem to think I can work 6 nights a week at other job. So....I'm tired, I'm getting more stressed, and, frankly, not eating. (too hot, too tired) Things will get better, as things even out, and bills get paid. I won't work as many hours, and hopefully won't be working two jobs forever. (at least not more than a couple of years) Besides, the more money I make, the less I can get from VA. I do NOT want to lose my medical through VA.

Some GOOD news, for a change

Dearest dogs and cats...WE GOT A VETERINARIAN.
Yep, and all of you who were spayed/neutered, but not given rabies shots...now have those, and are now (oh joy of joys) ADOPTABLE. So...Comet, Bear, Sammie, Snyder, Beta, Bliss, Gertie, Gretchen, Annie, Abbot and Alice (although, Alice will have to wait for a bit...) all of you can be adopted out. Annie, you and Abbot will be brought up front, since VannaWhite got taken to Petsmart. Don't worry babies, all the cages up front are now doubles. Due to the fact I've so few actual adoptables. (anyway, its healthier, gives you guys and gals more room, looks fuller) You two are brother and sister, after all...even if you don't look much alike.
Alice, seems the Vet thinks that wound on your shoulder (and on the shoulders of your two sibs) are spider bites. How could a spider bite all three of you on the same shoulder, I don't know. Unless you're the only one who GOT the bite, and the other two just rubbed the skin off on the door like the lady said.
Paula...you're the other one who's puzzling all of us. You were fine...oh, a bit weepy eyed, then suddenly, you've an abcess or something that broke open. Well, you're at the Vet now, hopefully all will be fine with my little girl. In a way, good thing you didn't get adopted.
For all of you in my 'holding' room. The vet clinic has a list of who is ready for spay/neuter/rabies. Since they prefer to do the whole thing at one shot, means as soon as anyone gets to three pounds of silly kitten...they will go on the list. (used to be, our Vet would spay/neuter at two pounds, then give rabies later) Well, as soon as you are all done (about 16) then we start rotating you into the lobby. Since I've nothing but kittens, except for the few actual CATS in the lobby, I'm hoping adoptions will be up. If nothing else, we can at least tell people that 'local vet' knows the cats and dogs, so they can continue to have them care for the new pets.

And, while this is not to a cat...Dearest Mama Bunny...WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE PREGNANT??????? Well, you had eight, sadly three are gone....hopefully those remaining five will survive...sure are cute lil things...tiny too. After googling info...seems you are doing ok. At least I don't have to worry about 'human' smells on your babies. I don't know about cat smells, but then....just wish I could put you someplace else, but the other rooms are full.

Again, I'm going to end with a prayer....Dearest Bastet, watch over the ones in humane societies and rescues everywhere. But, especially watch over those we cannot help, as they truly need you. May all our fur family members be healthy and happy.

So Mote It Be

Another week gone by

Dearest kitties
Welcome to summer. Well, at least all of you are in a nicely air conditioned shelter. Even if some of those air conditioners don't work very well. Part of the joys of the place, we get second hand crap that someone got and didn't work very well. At least we, the workers, can get a bit of relief.
So...to the new ones...Maggie, Ducky, Tigress, Four, Tumbles....welcome. Even though we are NOT supposed to be getting anything at all in (except ACO) well....Tumbles, you were wandering in Walmart, Maggie, Four and Tigress all were either seen to be tossed from a moving vehicle, and Ducky...duct taped to a cinder block and left to die. (the people who brought you in also brought in three rats...and no, they are NOT snake food)(or cat food)
Still no Vet for you guys and gals, so the 30+ who need spay/neuter/rabies shots, you are all just sitting there. I might have eight of you who I CAN adopt out. Out of fifty cats and kittens. Hang in there, guys and gals, the board meeting was last night. We will either HAVE a Vet, a way of getting you TO a Vet....or no job.
Missy, we drowned a LOT of fleas last night. Yes, pretty girl, I know, you HATE those baths, but think on this. We ARE getting rid of those damned fleas. Yes, capstar would probably work better (and not get you all wet) but Mama is in financial problems, so that is way out of her budget. Baths are not gonna hurt you...and if I could get Velvet into one, I'd do it. As it is....Velvet, you and I are gonna work on those flea allergies of yours. Every summer, you seem to fade just that much more. Well...staying in the office, so Missy can't eat your food, that does seem to help.

Just a general note to all the homeless cats in the world. I wish we could take ALL of you in. I really do. It breaks my heart each and every time I see someone come in with a both that is full of little kittens (usually taken from Mama way too soon) or with a cat they can no longer keep, and we have to turn them away. Then again, if we DID take all of you in, I'd soon be in the same way I was that one summer, with nearly a hundred of you, mostly in kennel crates and large dog carriers. Literally stacked up to the ceiling, most of you sick, mange, ringworm and other problems that would cause any Vet to put half of you to sleep. While the general public (and the ones trying to dump animals on us) do NOT understand this, we still have to comply with laws and regulations. My heart is saying 'try to save them all' but the cold harsh truth is, we can't.
My heart goes out to ALL the cats and dogs who we cannot help. My tears are for you, as I think of what will probably happen to so many of you. May all the Gods and Goddesses reach down to protect those we cannot, save those we cannot, and give us the strength to carry on to help, protect and save those we can.

So Mote It Be

So....whats been happening?

My poor baby pumpkin....if that person would have just KEPT you for another day, instead of returning you the very next day...I'm sure they would have kept you. You are such a sweet boy, but the freedom of a house, well, ALL kittens go nuts at first. I mean, there you are in a tiny cage, then suddenly...wide open vistas...Well, I hope Gumby works out for them...
VannaWhite, you are now up front so people can see your regal beauty. As soon as that bare spot on your rump is gone, I'm sure you'll have a furever home. Nothing like a lovely (and loving) white cat, despite the yellow eyes. Roadster, you could be Vanna's baby, you look just like her, (except he doesn't have a sore on his butt, just fleas)
So many of you are now ready for adoption, or awaiting spay/neuter to GET ready for adoption. Another plus for all of you, adoptions are up. That means, we are getting kitties to their new homes. (ok, and yes the dogs too) Mr. Bunny, I'm afraid you'll just have to be more social. At least you ARE tame, not like the last rabbit we had (the one I just let go, back into the wild)
Now, the next few weeks are gonna be rough. As usual, the shelter is broke. (just leave that as normal operating anyway) We are losing kennel workers at a rate that is worse than usual, due to worries over little things like...well, ARE we gonna get paid? (we did) will the checks be honored? (so far) and will I get my cat litter BEFORE I run out? (this time, yes) Even I, the dedicated cat lady has a new job. This one, in the afternoon, so I'll still be spending my mornings with my beloved fuzzy headed silliness. Means I'll be more tired, probably a bit cranky now and then...but some of the burdens I've been carrying should be lightened, and eventually gone. That can only help as I'm dealing with all the fuzzy headed kitties.
Can't forget...Missie...bath time soon. Might just get some flea shampoo and see if that works better than the Dawn. I swear you must be inviting every damn flea in the neighborhood. Velvet...sweet girl, you're just not doing well. At least you ARE eating. I'll see if there is anything else I can do for you.

The day after the fourth

This might even be brief. Lack of sleep, and not enough coffee quite yet.
Who names a cat Liberty? Ok...so you came in on the third. Sighs...ANOTHER grey tabby. We've got so many grey tabbies now, I can't tell any of you apart.
Candi, welcome back. Your babies are getting so big. The black one will be milkyway, the tabby and white snickers. Then we'll have Sugar, Spice and Caramel. (or maybe mocha....)
Sender, Sam...while you two are actually females...I'll stick with those names. (they ARE fixed, after all) Sender, you do look SO much like your daddy. Sam, you could be your mama all over again. Oh...and brother Snyder is just fine. After the Vet took out that abcessed eye, he was one bouncy kitty again. His foster mama says he's just all over.
For all you newly fixed kittens, I've even some cages open. Come monday, you'll be out front so people can see (and let us hope) adopt some of you. Anna, Aztec, Aspen, you three, and VannaWhite need to get that fur grown back.
Preston, if I put you and Paula together, will that stop the overturning of the litter box? With two, you get a larger box...yes, that could work. Paula, you STILL look like my Missie. Ok, so she's about eight now, fat as hell, with blue eyes, but same coloring...mostly white calico.
Pumpkin, I think I can put you with another kitten. Either that, or put Bear in a single cage, since they took Poet to Petsmart. (hmmm...put Bear in Xena's cage, since she's at Petsmart too....)
Cloe...what can I DO with you? Your not as aggressive, but still not very nice. At least with Charles being lobby cat, he's not attacking anyone.
Velvet, my sweet girl. I know...summers are hell, and you're just not doing well at all. I'd give you a bath like do Missie...but you aren't as nice as she is about such things. Well...I'll do what I can...maybe just wipe you down with a vinegar dampened cloth to help with the fleas and make you feel better?

Love my two ladies at home...and even most of the cats at work

And...a quick update...Xena got adopted, along with a couple of others from Petsmart, so...hooray for those kitties who are now (one hopes) in their furever homes

In hopes of good things

Happy Fourth of July to my kitties at the shelter, and my two ladies at home. (both of whom will be finding a quiet spot to hide out this evening....inside)
For those of you at the shelter...I'm certainly hoping most of you got fixed yesterday. Certainly the Vet was there, we got everyone tested for felv too. Surprisingly....Carol, you are negative. At least for now. After the other two died, and Connie was found to have pan leuk...I'm fairly sure you probably have it as well, but we might get lucky. If not...well, into the freezer your little body would go, next to your former cage mates. (I hate doing that....as much as I hate coming in to find dead kittens)
Toyota, you're one healthy little butterball. As soon as you are ready, hopefully we can get you fixed. Depends on whether we've got a vet or not...or if we take everyone to the local vet who charges us twice as much as regular patients. (think he'd be happy to help us out....that way he gets to know the animals, who would probably be his patients anyway....)
Esmeralda, I'm so proud of you. Not only are you getting downright cuddlesome with me, but you actually allowed my helper to pick you up. You've come so far from that scared kitty hiding behind the litter box.
Preston...I'm not so proud of you. Kindly stop overturning the litter box. Or at least WAIT an hour or so.
Charles, you're now officially 'lobby' cat. That means, be nice, don't trip anyone up (ok, you can trip Tom or myself) and don't hurt Stubby. Yes, you may sit on the table next to the rabbit cage. I don't think you can get in...and I doubt if bunny is going to sit there and let you do anything.
Sighs...Candi...we now need ANOTHER foster family for you. Why do people take fosters only for a day or two? That is NOT helping at all. Either keep them for a few weeks or don't take them.
Athena, two of your babies are adopted. The two cute ones, of course. The other three are recovering from whatever they rubbed up against that gave them those wounds. At least it's not ringworm, though we do have yet another suspected case of it. If so....all those kittens will have to be dipped. Not a fun idea. I'll let Tom know about that, although, he probably knows already.

Anyway, kitties, my job search is ongoing. Not that I'm leaving, just trying to find an afternoon part time job for extra money. With luck, I'll be with the shelter for several more years to come. Love you all, and those to come.
Update number 8943568392. I think. Anyway....Our Vet decided to honor her contract and work until the end of the month. Or more. I'm not sure. She said she would be in on Sunday to do cats...then decided not to. She won't come in if one of the desk ladies is there...they had a huge fight. So....when will she get you cats and kittens done? Damned if I know.

So....Blackie and unnamed baby cat...RIP you two. I THINK the baby cat was one of the siamese cats babies, but I can't be sure. All I know...when I left, Candi, you had five cause we put an orphan kitten in with you. (with Vet's permission)When I come in, there were six, but one was dead, and a note on Busy's card stating the runt was with Candi. Since both were grey tabbies...you tell me. Blackie...I found you dead in your cage the next morning. Not a good way to start the day.

You three 'A' kittens, I'm not sure that you do have ringworm. Maybe the Vet is just saying it is, so she doesn't have to deal with you? Well...you three have been spayed already. I don't know. Just wish she would come in and LOOK at you three. Juice...you're probably slated for being put to sleep. You're just getting worse and worse everyday...I can't even touch you anymore. Vanna, I hope you're ok. Xena, my sweet Princess...no warrior are you. Just a lovely fluffy calico lady cat.

Kittens awaiting spay/neuter...I hope we get you all done. You cats as well. If not, I will run out of adoptable cats...and have four full rooms of unadoptables. Not a good thing at all. As it is...some of you who need to be spayed/neutered are getting towards big enough for rabies as well.

Charles...what can I say....we should have named you Garfield. Bet you'd be adopted now if we had. Cloe....you were such a sweet girl..what HAPPENED at the adoption center? Dusty....I just don't know.

Velvet....please let him eat BEFORE you try to clean the plate, ok?
Missie....maybe I should let you chase those blasted raccoons away from the porch.

Dear Carly,

The other day, I hadn't set my alarm, and I overslept until 5:20.  Today, you start yelling at me at 4:50 am, then leaave.  so I lie back down, because the alarm hasn't gone off yet (it was set)

But you came back, meowing even more loudly, and carrying on a couple more minutes, even after I was up and about.  Now why didn't you do this on Monday?


Confused Mom


Dear Cat...

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