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Once more, an update...of sorts

So...I was on a food kick for a bit, now, it's all Star Trek and Babylon 5. So, the names will change...but not the cats. (as they come in, I name 'em....)
Domino, Buttercup, you two actually let me pick you up. No longer 'semi feral' but getting near to pets. Pumpkin....you're just a wild one...here's hoping the Vet agrees.
Kittens...all of you, most are doing pretty darn good. ChungKing...you are getting to be a chunky little monkey. Cinder, you on the other hand....how can I get you to eat???? Cinderella, I'm glad you are not the one with diarhea...that is your Mama. She is getting better, now that you two are separated. Picard...oh, such a lovely handsome boy, and Kirk...I know you're a neutered boy but still such a lover.

Jinx, you made a wonderful recovery. Now, back out front, I'm hoping for someone to come and want a lovely Russian Blue. For the rest of you up front...chins up guys and gals.

Fancy, your babies are in the 'monster walk' stage. Oh so cute. Also named, Fission, Fusion, Mouse, Ladihawke, Sable and Mustard. Sadly, your little foster just did not make it.

Sheridan, Sinclair, welcome.

Velvet, got off the bread, that is not a bed. Missie...there is too darn much of you to sit in the middle of the kitchen, Spike, tiger, you two.....Angel, Mousie, glad to see you two are coming out more. Again, hang in there all of you, even two year old grow up....if we let her. At least she is more into hugging and kissing all of you, and not chasing you poor things around like the twins do (when they are allowed to come in the house at all....as it is, we are considering letting them spend a night here, now and then...one at a time)
Dearest Rasberry,
I know you were failing for a while. You hadn't quite been yourself, and the not eating and just kinda laying there were not a good sign. You went down so fast, I barely had time to realize what was going on. Finding you deceased in your cage was NOT a good start to the day. I can only hope that you went quick, and now you are out of pain.

I hope, when we meet at the stone bridge, you will be one of those who will vote to let me pass. Even though you were 'only another shelter cat', well...you had a piece of my heart, as do all the others.

Rest in peace, and with Bastet darling Rasberry. I will continue to love you, though you, and so many others are gone.

updates and changes

Ok, so I'll start at one end of the shelter, and go through...
Tootsie...the vet wouldn't even fix you. I did not know your diarhea was that bad. Well,we will just see what we can do. Fairytale, your little Cinderella seems to be gaining weight. Her sibs are already taken care of, so Aurora, Charming and Arthur can be adopted. Merlin has already gone home...the Vet took him. Noir, you're doing a bit better, and Fancy, your kittens are just too cute.

For my cats and kittens in the lobby, all of you are looking better. Bahama....chill out baby cat.

Coffee....why would someone put a microchip into a cat, then forget about it? Honestly, don't people know they have to register, update and pay a fee for them? Probably not. Sighs...well, all we can do is hope your owner is missing you, and will come to look for you. For my newer cats, and freshly spayed or neutered kittens, things are looking up. We haven't gotten a million more of you...although, it seems we are still getting little kittens in on nearly a daily basis. At least most of you are eating on your own....yes, chungking...you are getting fat. Which is a good thing.

Buttercup, Domino, you two are getting a little bit more friendly. Here is hoping you'll both be adoptable, and not have to be put down as feral.

Jinxy....I'm going to be giving Bastet special prayers for you, my lovely girl. You are in pain, but the Vet doesn't seem to want to do anything. Somehow, I don't think grain free food and pituitrophen is going to do a darn thing. If you will accept them, special hugs and lovings to you...and, who knows...perhaps you will be going across the rainbow bridge, and be out of pain.

At home kitties? Flea season has been horrid this year. Weekly bathing (for those we COULD bathe), daily combings, and flea stuff hasn't seemed to made a difference. Things do seem to be getting better as the nights get colder. Flea traps are helping quite a bit as well. Now, I cannot do a darn thing about the other pest. Don't worry though, two year olds have a habit of growing up...eventually.

It has been a while, hasn't it

Lots of changes, but still same old thing.
Fancy, you are a truly lovely bright tortie, and your newborn kittens are just darling. I'm hoping they are the last litter of the year. After all, the other cat I was suspicious about got fixed yesterday. you now have six lovely babies.
Fairytail and GlenEllen, you two will be having your babies taken away and fixed over the next couple of weeks. They are getting bigger and very feisty, I'm sure you two will enjoy the peace and quiet, and being able to eat without babies taking it all. Besides, you two are lovely cats as well, and should go quickly.
Those of you who got fixed, don't worry, the pain goes away, then people are gonna want to take you home and spoil you. We can hope that lots and lots of you get adopted over the next few months....if only to get the shelter a bit emptier.
Domino, Buttercup, will you two chill out and settle? Yes, I know, you were running free and are now in tiny cages. Still...I'm not the evil person trapped you, I'm just the tired lady who feeds you and cleans your cages.
For all you black cats, Rasberry, Noir, Spooky, Max, Arthur, Cinderella, Charming, Aurora, Nikki, and any who might come in, next month, we won't be letting any of you get adopted. (which sucks, cause four of those are Fairytale's kittens) Not that I think anyone around this area is going to pay 75.00 to kill a kitten, but one never knows. Of course, the boss may have other ideas, but we'll see, now won't we.

For my 'at home' kitties, Missie...don't get mad because I laugh at you for pawing at the gate separating the kitchen from the rest of the house. I know, you, unlike the other cats cannot slide through the baby gate, or get over. That means you have to sit there and paw at the gate until someone opens it. Especially when the baby is up. Sorry fat cat, but you'll just have to deal. Tiger, Spike, MUST you do the indie 500 at 3am? Mouse, that evil cat is just mad because you try to eat all her food. She has no teeth, let the poor skinny raggedy thing eat. She's old. Angel, it is nice to see you coming out of hiding. Now that the fleas are leaving, you and Missie are both looking better. You are both flea magnets, winter is a nice time.

Dearest cats

Rasberry and Noir, settle down, please? Kittens...ok, you don't need to settle, but Jinx, you are looking a lot better. Sugar, I'm getting you out of that corner cage. You need someplace where people can SEE you...not just hear you.

Sadly, we've lost a LOT of kittens. Very young ones, like in less than a month old. I wish to HELL people would STOP PICKING UP LITTERS OF KITTENS. Dammitall, I hate losing entire litters. If people would have just left them, Mama would have been able to raise them.

Corona, Chablis, Cuervo...you three will be out front as soon as I have cages. GlenEllen, you, my sweet girl are doing a wonderful job with your own six babies. (yes, I'm naming cats after booze...its been a bad few weeks)

For those of you who are ready to be fixed...sorry, but this past week have been a week to forget. Not only did we get in nearly twenty cats, but all those dogs as well. The vet didn't have time to get to the cats...except three of them. Well...means next week, I'll have a LONG list of kitties to get fixed. Won't that be fun???

Missie, we will continue to comb you with that flea comb. I do prefer that to bathing. It is doing some good, you have fewer fleas. Maybe we can get Angel as well. Velvet, if you don't eat your food, another cat will. I'm not going to stand over you while you eat. Especially not after the kids ordered in pizza. Oh...and you still do not get milk, cheese or any dairy product. Your system doesn't like it, even though you do. Oh yes...thank you for allowing little Harlee to hug and kiss you without clawing her eyes out. Either you like her, or you are mellowing in your old age. Or,most likely, you just are too old, stiff and sore to do so. Either way, she loves you, and eventually even two year olds grow up. After all, her mother did.

Another day another ten cents

Darling cats at work
Here is hoping I get my FULL paycheck, and what is owed from the last one. I don't want to have to quit just to get the money I work for. I love all of you, and my job. Even when it's a horrid time, so

Jinx and Sugar, if you two would be a bit more friendly. Yes, I know, Sugar you are pure Siamese. The number one DIVA of the shelter. Jinx, you are just crazy. You don't like certain people, you go nuts if anyone waves a feather toy at you. Try that again, and I'll bring Bossie out. She may be a bit wild, but at least she hasn't tried to kill anyone lately.

Kittens kittens everywhere....to the new ones who got dumped in there saturday night. Corona, you seem just fine. Certainly an older kitten, about three months old. You other four...here is hoping I don't find any of you dead. If you are anywhere a pound of kitten, I'm surprised. As it is, you were stuck in that carrier, it was wet, filthy and horrid. After bathing all of you, and getting rid of as many of the fleas as I could, well...at least you four were eating. Still....you four need a foster.

Midas,you're almost over that ringworm, looking good there boy. Mars, you're getting there. Sebastian, already adopted, just need to get that rabies shot and you're gone. OJ, I hope that lady gets off her vacation and comes to get you.

We've had some good adoptions over the past few days. Lots and lots of kittens have been taken home, and hopefully will STAY there. Gives the rest of you a better chance. With the new food, you kittens are gonna look GREAT.

Missie....now renamed Tribble Queen...I do wish you were not as much a flea magnet as you are. Velvet, now called Skelator....I'm just clipping your claws girl, not killing you. Angel, if you came out of the kitchen, you'd get petted more. Mousie...don't know what to say to you...Spike, Tiger, a needle in my hand is not an invitation. It means I'm trying to get my Granddaughter's quilt made. Yes, one of the blocks I'm using is called Puss in the Corner....it does not need to be done with an actual cat.

Dear Cats...and dog...

Chloe: I know you're overwhelmed with a puppy and a kitten coming into your house at the same time. But can you at least try to be nice? Murray just wants to play with you. He's a friendly kitten and he wants to be your friend. I know you have to tell him you're the top cat. And you stay away from the puppy anyway. But quit being mad at all of us, will you? We love you too. I love petting you if you'd quit trying to bite me.

Murray: Leave my cords ALONE! They are not chew toys. And learn that 1am is not when the human wants to play. We want to sleep. Also, Chloe's tail is not a toy, so leave it be or she'll just slap you and hiss at you again. Our feet are not toys either. Those claws are sharp.

Zoey: I know you want to play with Murray, and he wants to play with you. But, you are a little over his size now and climbing on top of him and trapping him in the corner will not endear him to you.

My bit of an update for the week

For all those at the shelter and Petsmart

I know there are at least fifteen of you grey tabby kittens. All of you look alike, and, frankly, after the vet just tossed you guys into whatever cages, you're all mixed up. I don't know if I put Sage, Sassy and Sissy together, or if Gerald was put in with his sibs. Thank goodness Gin, Tonic and Martini are all different. Of course, now there is Brandy, and about four others, all grey tabbies. Enough to make me want to cry, since you are all the same coloration, size and everything. The only differences, some are boys, some are girls, and a couple of you are medium haired. Oh well....once you all get adopted, I won't worry. Might have to get some cheap collars though...just so I can figure out who is who.

Now, to the rest of you. RIP Ginny. You were a fantastic mama cat, and if you had shown the slightest bit of improvement, I might have suggested we hold you as a barn cat. Lunging at us when Ronnie tried to get you with the cat knabber...I think he has a slight understanding of what I've been going through with you these past three months. Not that Yvette is any better. Your kitten, Yvette will be taken from you in a couple of weeks, at that time, your fate too will be sealed. Sorry, pretty girl.

To Mars, Midas, Waldo and the new one, you guys are no longer feral, that means I get to weigh you, check you out, vacinate if needed. 'yay' Waldo...if you indeed do have ringworm, we have a problem. I don't have anywhere to isolate you. the only thing I can do is put a towel over your cage and make sure to continue to lyme dip you. All you other kittens...I'm doing my best guys, but the boss doesn't see any reason to get actual kitten food. (and it took him a week to get rabbit food)

OJ, you are do much better. Start cuddling up to people and you'll be gone. Three legged cats always get adopted. For everyone else, whiskers up...adoptions seem to be up, so there is always hope.

Cats at home...sighs....I know, I'm tired. Always like this this time of year. Missie, I'm sorry girl, but the kids went through the time, trouble and money to get that nice bunk bed, I'm going to use it. (although I can see getting one of those foam toppers, getting too old to have a hard mattress) Yes, that means, I'm no longer sleeping on the couch. You'll have to find someone else to cuddle up to...there are five other cats here...be nice, maybe they will clean your butt.

To my cats at work and at home

Dearest cats at work,
You spill my blood nearly on a daily basis. You make me smile, laugh, cry, get angry, get scared. Some of you come up to me and want a cuddle, others seem to want to kill me. I fall in love at least a hundred times a day, and want to walk out dozens of times a day. I hate getting up to go to work, but can't stand the thought of not going. I'm so glad when it is time to go home, but hate the thought of leaving.

I've seen so many come in, go out, have problems of various kinds, and sadly, seen so many who had to be put down due to various things. I may not remember all their names, but the glance of a cat can make me remember something that can bring a smile, or a tear.

I clean cat boxes, cat litter,floors. I cuddle and love over the scared kittens, when I can, try to make all of you adoptable. I do my best with what I have.

What I truly have is a deep and abiding love for all of you, those in shelter, those who have been and gone, and those who will be coming in. I also have hope and faith that as many of you that come in, most will be adopted by loving and furever homes. This, more than anything, should tell everyone, why I love my job. Even when it is one heartbreak after another.

Yes, I am the cat lady.

Now, to the ones at home....
Velvet, I know, it's summer, the time you just don't eat that much. Well...not a lot I can do about that, my toothless wonder. Except keep tabs on if you're eating at all.
Missie, now nicknamed Missie the Hut....are you actually (gasp!!!) LOSING WEIGHT????? Seems so, since you can almost clean your own butt. Of course, if you would be nicer to Spike and Tiger, the two boys would probably be happy to help out. Yes, I know, Tiger is more like a dog than a cat, still...he grooms Mousie all the time.
Angel, you are doing better. Not that I blame you for hiding in the kitchen. Having a seven year old who...frankly needs a LOT more discipline that he gets at home (not to mention, a STABLE homelife, not going from house to house with slutmama, and whoever she's banging this week....thank the Goddess she's not my actual daughter...but son in laws daughter by first wife...still, I just want to slap her silly, beat her until she begs forgiveness, then take her kids away) but still....he can be a fairly good kid....and he's slowly (very slowly) beginning to learn a few things. As for you two...Spike, Tiger....yes, sure....try to cuddle up to Missie. She at least is front declawed. (and has roundly defeated Spike by powderpuffing at least twice) Just do me a favor...don't go after the Queen and Empress of all she Surveys....aka Velvet. She HAS claws, she is not afraid to use them. Love you two goofballs anyway.

Hey, Methuselah.

Dear Kravitz:

Holy crap. You're really seventeen this month. Seventeen! That's the longest any of my family's pets have lived while in our ownership. I didn't know we'd make it this far, especially with needing to get all your poor teeth removed, nuke your thyroid, and then deal with your failing kidneys. But you're still here, a little slower, a little more sleepy, yet in surprisingly good health for an old man.

Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for tethering me to life when I wanted to complete my will and get it over with. Thank you for cuddling with me in bed and purring away as we slip into slumber. Thank you for giving me your opinionated sass, for sitting with me on the couch while we watch TV, for making me laugh, for giving me a reason to come home at all when my basement-mates were driving me mad. Thank you for healing my heart and allowing me to adopt you when I was still lost due to having to put down my little Dachshund Simon.

In short, thanks for everything. I hope that however long we have, I make you as happy as you've made me.

= Me.


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